Abalone and Float

Abalone and Float found a new home today!

It was lovely meeting Kristen and Isabella as they came to my studio to pick up the painting, I really enjoy getting a sense of who my clients are and how they relate to the art. I hope they also enjoyed getting to know me in the context of my studio and how I work. We spoke of my motivation in painting abalone, which beyond trying to capture their iridescence and texture, is a love of the marine environment and a commentary on its over harvesting. ¬†Kristen knew abalone from¬†growing up in the Bay Area, San Francisco and Santa Cruz. “I even know the smell of it” she pointed out, the comment poignantly underlying her intimacy with abalone and how evocative it is for her. Abalone symbolizes place for her, a piece of California she can take with her any where in the world.

Marie Cameron Abalone and Float 2008

Abalone and Float oil on canvas by Marie Cameron 2008.

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