Close to finishing Orhan Pamuk’s fabulous novel Snow.

I gave it to my husband last Christmas while he unknowingly gave me A Strangeness in my Mind. So masterfully written, I’m loving it so much I actually sat out in the snow, reading for a few chapters (in Kirkwood not Kars) until the sun shone less brightly and the cold and damp seeped through my snow pants.

So sad to hear the tragic news in Turkey! Anyone who wants a nuanced and deeply human meditation on the social / political climate of this area should dip into his novels!

  1. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    The shadow on SNOW.
    The novel SNOW.
    The novel lying in SNOW with text of falling SNOW showing.
    Your sitting on SNOW reading SNOW your hat rim coloring nearly matching the brush to your right.
    SNOW highlighted against the landscape of SNOW.
    All with correlated meaning/messaging. NICE,

  2. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    OH, & the SNOW flake description page. PERFCT, great drawing together of like likenesses.

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