What Not to Wear

What not to wear.

What not to wear? Apparently anything in my wardrobe!

I adore prints!

I met with Sally Rayn (host) and Nance Wheeler (producer) of Talk Art last night, prepping for my TV interview that we’ll be taping next week. I found out that my entire wardrobe is made up of TV unfriendly clothing. ┬áPrints (bye bye florals and stripes), reds, whites & billowy bohemian tents are all a no no as they do funny things on screen. I have lots of black but the background is black, I would look like a floating face. Actually, I do have one outfit that is body conscious, in deep, rich SOLID hues that will have to do, stay tuned to see how it works out!

  1. Love that picture of the prints, like a fabric garden. And that’s hilarious, actually, that TV only likes solids. I suppose this is a metaphor for our times, that anything textured and complex is too overwhelming, har har, gets distorted. I do hope you’ll post pictures of the ‘solid” outfit you do select and I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous, as always!

  2. mariecameron says:

    So true, I’m lucky I’m not limited to showing solid paintings too!

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