Rainbow Embrace 4

Rainbow Ride 2

Rainbow Forest 2

Rainbow Self 14

Rainbow Eater 1

Sunbow 1 (Monterey Pine)

Lunch with Theodore Wores

What a pleasure to learn more about Theodore Wores, California Impressionist painter (1859-1939) over my bag of almonds at the Triton Museum of Art’s Brown Bag Lunch series conducted by Deputy Director, Preston Metcalf today! The Triton has 47 of his paintings in their permanent collection, a generous gift from his wife, Caroline Bauer. A good number of these pieces were recently cleaned and restored and are included in this exhibit, Under …

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Fade to White – Artist Statement

I’ve been fooling around with some square business cards for Sanchez 50 I 50, you know the kind with a new image on each one…this will be the back with my contact info and painting care instructions. I often live in my head about what I’m doing, and it was pointed out that by an artist friend (thank you Andy Ballantyne) that I should share the meaning behind my Fade to …

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Idiosyncratic Monochromes

In the Pink is getting around this month! The June issue of PoetsArtists, #85  – Idiosyncratic Monochromes, curated by Lorena Kloosterboer and published by Didi Menendez came out today and features work from 37 international artists – such an honor to be included in this wonderful magazine! Here are a few links, the first to order this issue and the second for a subscription.

La Estancia

I had the chance to paint with the Los Gatos Art Association’s Plein Air Group a few weeks ago at La Estancia in Los Gatos. I’m afraid I don’t get out with them more than once or twice a year but I always love it when I do manage to break away from the studio. They are such a great group of talented artists who generously share tips and ideas. …

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In Conversation – La Niña and Social Justice

In conjunction with the opening of Social Justice: It Happens to One It Happens to All on at Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art (September 18 – December 1, 2016), Gutfreund Cornett Art arranged for the exhibiting artists to come and speak, In Conversation! 19 of the 46 artists were able to come, some traveling as far away as San Diego, LA. Utah, Mexico and New Zealand! We were all …

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Love a Pop-up!

I do love a pop-up  – here today and gone tomorrow – did you catch it? I got a note from Frank Interiors that there was going to be a pop-up market place held at Linda Benenati‘s Saratoga art studio on Saturday and I had to go,  missing Frank as I do since they closed up shop earlier this year (too cool for Los Gatos). Nothing says fun market place …

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Innocent Celibacy?

In a Victorian world where bachelors buttons signify male celibacy and daisies refer to innocence, a bouquet of both would leave you with innocent male celibacy. That’s quite a bundle for a little teacup yet here it is with this “Elizabethan” teacup from England – 1940s or 50s I’m guessing:        

Sea Stack on Exhibit

  My oil painting , Sea Stack, is hanging in the Pacific Art League‘s Member’s Exhibit which runs from July 1 – 25 with a Friday reception from 5:30 – 8:00 pm, July 11.  PAL has returned home after it’s major earthquake retrofit and I can’t wait to see how it all turned out!

Tonight the Triton!

Me, Feathers and the Triton – tonight 6-8 pm! Wear feathers – I will!  

Fa la la la la….Holiday Reception Tonight!

Join us at the Los Gatos Museums Gallery for our Holiday reception tonight from 6-8:30! We’re located at 24 N Santa Cruz Avenue, downtown Los Gatos (across from the Apple Store). With over 50 member artist and lots of holiday refreshments this annual event is always a blast (That’s my Lily of the Valley with Cows in the lower right hand corner)! The tree is trimmed and the party ready …

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Street Art at Stockton & Taylor

Sadly, it seems I’ve been spending more time behind the wheel than in front of my easel this summer. Happily, there’s something to see while driving about. I’ve particularly enjoyed the local street art the intersection of Stockton and Taylor where there is a sad concrete underpass. Someone had noticed it was in desperate in need of some humanizing!  For me, this spot combines color field painting with elements of …

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Corpus Corvus

    I ran into a crow today, or rather, I think someone else did, with a car.  And with Fur Feathers and Fins opening in just a few days at the Pacific Art League and dead birds being on my mind for a while now I just had to gently scoop it up and take it back to my studio for a closer look. Nothing compares to studying  the …

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Rose Petals I