Painting of Blue Corset

Is painting a portrait so different from painting a flower of a tree? Isn’t it all just color and lines and angles? Perhaps this is so for some figure painting but when it comes to portraits there is heightened question of likeness, emotion, expression and character and maybe all of this can be said of a twisted old pine but we are not hardwired to conifers, our neurons light up …

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Winter’s Art

How I loved studying these intricate icy patterns that formed a frosty crust on a creek in Kirkwood.    

First Sign of Winter

These flowers remind me of Christmas as it was all the rage when I lived in Toronto (especially in the design shops I frequented) to force the bulbs to bloom indoors during our icy winters. Today my narcissus just bloomed on its own in my decidedly un-icy Californian garden! In these days of rampant self-gifting and overabundance it seems appropriate that the narcissus can represent selfishness in Victorian floriography.

Cherry Blossom Joins Sisters

There was a cherry blossom reunion today when Mauve Shadow joined her sister paintings Pearl and Pink &  Lavender Shadow.  Actually, I’m honored to say this special collector has six of my paintings, which delights me to no end!

The Painting of Cherry Blossom

I’d like to share the process of creating Cherry Blossom ( A Little) Demure. I love these little paintings because they seem to materialize before my eyes as rapidly as scrolling down these images – at least on a good day! Half the battle is won by starting with good reference material. In this case I’ve used one of my own photographs that I’ve cropped to isolate a great composition. …

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Pond Lily Purple