Fade to White – 50 in 50 days!

Fade to White Painting List - 50I50 sq sm

I am delighted to share that I have completed my 50 paintings in 50 days for the Sanchez Art Center’s 50 : 50 Show, September 1 – October 1 in Pacifica, California!  I was juried into this show of 60 Bay Area artists by San Francisco gallerist Jack Fischer, with the idea of to exploring albinism and leucism in our native flora ad fauna. This show is a fundraiser for …

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New Crown for Lady Liberty

Michael de Adder's Lady Liberty in a Pussyhat 2017 sm

I have to share how excited I am about this…. I know the fabulous editorial cartoonist Michael de Adder from my art school days and have enjoyed his sharp and witty work for a long time now. So when I had the vision of the Statue of Liberty wearing a pussyhat early yesterday morning (after basking in the afterglow of this past weekend’s Women’s March) I messaged him…and like magic he …

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The Chelsea Hotel

The Chelsea Hotel - Underconstruction 3 - photo Marie Cameron 2016 sm

While staying in Chelsea recently I couldn’t resist stopping by the Chelsea Hotel, of Leonard Cohen fame, and although I couldn’t stay in room 424, (big reno going on) I enjoyed hanging out by the front door (which I held open for a workman with a gigantic spool of electrical wire who in turn took this photo of me on my pilgrimage – he knew my selfies were not going …

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Snow - 1- photo Marie Cameron 2016 sm

Close to finishing Orhan Pamuk’s fabulous novel Snow. I gave it to my husband last Christmas while he unknowingly gave me A Strangeness in my Mind. So masterfully written, I’m loving it so much I actually sat out in the snow, reading for a few chapters (in Kirkwood not Kars) until the sun shone less brightly and the cold and damp seeped through my snow pants. So sad to hear …

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Insectopia 1 - Bergdorf Goodman - Fifth Ave - photo Marie Cameron 2016 sm

Yet another magical window display at Bergdorf Goodman’s, this time a frosty insect fantasy in verdigris! Wow!

Pond Creature

WIndow Display - Bergdorf Goodmans 5th Ave - Pond 3 - photo Marie Cameron 2016 sm

I love the whimsy of this sequined tight rope walker in her heels above the dark waterlily pond with its fierce looking birds in this Bergdorf Goodman window display on Fifth Avenue! The manikin is looking a little amphibious herself!

Gorillas in Our Midst

WIndow Display - Bergdorf Goodmans 5th Ave - Green Gorilla - photo Marie Cameron 2016 small

Window shopping is at it’s best during the holidays and nowhere better than Fifth Avenue in New York City!  Bergdorf Goodman’s was far and away my favorite, each vitrine a world in itself! Beyond the artistry that’s gone into each one I loved the way these fantasies interplayed with the reflection of the city beyond the window! It’s a jungle out there (Trump Tower is across the street (beside Tiffany’s).

Rosy Day

Rosebud I - Marie Cameron - oil on canvas - 4x4in 2013 sm

Rosy day…Rosebud I, Rose Petals I and Rose Mandala IV were all sold in a special studio visit!

Goodnight Moon

Supermoon over the Studio - Marie Cameron 2016 sm

Supermoon shining brightly over the studio tonight!

Social Justice in Moraga

Social Justice drop off - SMCMA  Selfie - Marie Cameron 8-30-16 sm

Long time no see – but just because it was summer vacation and I was far to busy for blogging, doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot happening behind the scenes that I’d love to share and I’m going to see if I can catch up! As usual, the post is loaded with easy links to click on where text is bold. Yesterday, for instance, I took in my painting, La …

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Beyond the White Hummingbird

UCSC Arborteum - beyond the white humming bird - 2- photo Marie Cameron 2016 sm

The Australian Garden at the University of California Santa Cruz Arboretum has so much to offer, and while I was understandably blown away by the spectacular white hummingbird sighting, I thought I might share some of it’s other treasures… Rare Leucistic Anna’s Hummingbird in the Grevillea. Me in my official like birding outfit – meant to blend into the garden and attract hummers…worked! Showy Banksia Flight fight! Showy Honey Myrtle The Rufous …

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The White Hummingbird

Leucistic Hummingbird-UCSC Arboretum-11-photo Marie Cameron 2016

I spent a perfect day with a white hummingbird – my new muse! This Leucistic Hummingbird, visiting the Australian Gardens at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum, may be the first sighting of its kind in Santa Cruz County! I’ve been scouring the web for more info and it seems there have been sightings in Santa Barbara as well.  The Leucistic Humming bird (in this case most likely an Anna’s Hummingbird) …

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The Memento, an Autographed Copy

Marie Cameron with The Memento 2 - 2016 web

What a thrilling moment to finally get my hands on my own autographed copy of The Memento by acclaimed author Christy Ann Conlin! The reproduction of my painting, End of Spring, inspired by the author’s own photo and licensed by Doubleday, came out beautifully and I’m adoring all the details of the jacket designed by Five Seventeen. The feel of rag edges fill me with delight and the inscription and acknowledgement …

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Along St. Joseph’s Trail

St. Joseph's - Bay Checkerspot- Marie Cameron 4-16-16 sm

I clearly don’t know all the correct names of these creatures and blooms I came across on my hike along St Joseph’s Trail – but I’d like to! If you know the real names please chime in! Bay Area Checkerspot Skipper on a yellow Devil’s Paintbrush Bermuda Buttercups / Soursop Seep Monkey Flower / Common Monkey Flower / Mimulus guttatus Sticky Monkey Flower / Orange Bush Monkey Flower / Mimulus …

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The Next Chapter…

The Next Chapter Shelf - Shelagh Rogers, CBC, The Memento sm

Today Shelagh Rogers interview of author Christy Ann Conlin was broadcast nationally in Canada on CBC radio’s The Next Chapter!  That’s my painting, End of Spring (cover art for Conlin’s novel The Memento) up there on The Next Chapter shelf – a beautiful sight! Shelagh Rogers brings out the best in the authors she talks with and I loved hearing Christy Ann Conlin share with her how ghost stories infused …

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Poppy Teacups

Poppy Teacup 4 - Marie Cameron 2016

Oh my, sometimes I can paralyze myself with possibility! I love how these antique, eggshell thin, hand-painted teacups marked Germany and Nippon photographed in the early morning light with their requisite bouquet of freshly cut poppies! I better just pick a bird or two and get on with it … Cardinal, Red-winged Blackbird? The poppy speaks of oblivion in the Victorian language of flowers, I wonder how I will bring that …

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Petunia Tea Possibilities….

Petunia Tea Reference 5 - photo Marie Cameron 2016 smjpg

Your presence soothes me, that’s what the the petunia signifies in the Victorian language of flowers. However, it wasn’t the flower or teacup that was the source to this soon to be Birds and Teacup painting, it was the shy Townsend’s Warbler with its little black and yellow striped face that inspired me to pull together a vignette it could hide in.

Nesting Killdeer

Killdeer in the Grass- photo Marie Cameron 2016

This dear little killdeer laid her eggs in the middle of a busy middle school between the track field and basketball courts – they’ve roped off the area but I’m not all all optimistic about her chosen site for a nursery! I took these pictures with a telephoto today after my son shared the news with me.  

Sharing a Shelf with a Hero

Christy Ann Conlin's photo of a Can Lit Shelf in a bookstore in Halifax NS. 2016 sm

Maybe you’ve already heard the story of Alex Colville (iconic Canadian artist) opening my very first art show at Acadia University all those years ago…well, I never imagined then that our paintings would be sharing a bookshelf together as cover art one day…never in my wildest!  Yet here they are, mine on Christy Ann Conlin‘s novel, The Memento and Colville’s on Nino Ricci‘s, Sleep, in Chapters Indigo bookstores Can Lit displays …

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