Idiosyncratic Monochromes

In the Pink is getting around this month!

The June issue of PoetsArtists, #85  - Idiosyncratic Monochromes, curated by Lorena Kloosterboer and published by Didi Menendez came out today and features work from 37 international artists – such an honor to be included in this wonderful magazine!

Here are a few links, the first to order this issue and the second for a subscription.

Kim Frohsin – Studio Visit

I am absolutely smitten with Kim Frohsin‘s work! I first encountered her figurative drawings in More Than Your Selfie at New Museum Los Gatos last year and then I fell in love with her figurative painting at Connect and Collect at the Institute of Contemporary Art in San Jose (even making an early bid on her piece which I sadly did not win) in October. This year I was able to catch her show at Thomas Reynolds Gallery in San Francisco and then actually be in a group show with her, Honoring the Legacy of David Park, at Santa Clara University which ran in April! When I finally got to meet her in person at the show’s reception, I jumped at the chance to arrange a studio visit – which just took place last week on one of those rare, exceedingly hot days in the city.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Kim Frohsin moved to California in 1979, studying at San Diego State University, San Diego and l’Institut pour les Etudiants Etrangers in Aix-en-Provence before earning her BFA at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Her current studio is in the historic Noonan Building of Pier 70, San Francisco in the actual studio of early abstract expressionist, Frank Lobdell! Her work is widely collected and has been acquired by the San Jose Museum of Art, the Crocker Art  Museum and the De Young Art Museum!

Frohsin has an amazing facility with the figure, her lines are fresh and gestural, poses dynamic and creative, her process is unique and absorbing and her commitment is full on!

Each painting in this series, Wigs, Silhouettes & Suspension, begins with a drawing from life upon which areas are masked off with razors and tape, paint is applied with a palette knife and pigments are rubbed on. No brushes. Sometimes the initial drawing is glimpsed here and there. There is such an immediacy and vitality to the work, in composition, application of material, juxtaposition of color and the way it is used to express shadows and highlights. I was delighted to delve into a trove of these gorgeous paintings, do a little shopping and a whole lot of coveting!

It was fascinating to get a glimpse of the diverse bodies of work represented in her studio, both archived and current, and hear her talk about her process and experience.

I was quite overwhelmed by each unearthed piece!



Toy car mixed media painting.

Self-portrait on a stack of books. You can learn so much about an artist from her studio. Kim’s is full of interesting books and  photos and quotes (and a few wigs and hula hoops).

I thought that Egon Schiele might be one of Frohsin’s influences and was intrigued to find this lovely photographic overlay of the artist over a picture of the Austrian artist on her studio wall.

Cross Walk – Acrylic, pencils, and ink on Paper

Kim has this photo of Frank Lobdell tacked up at Noonan building, can you guess the other two artists?

I brought back with me Kim Frohsin’s gorgeous book Figures with Edges 2007-2008 (thanks Kim!) and am pouring over it at home! It can be ordered (along with Two Minutes and Counting and Portraits of Numbers: 2010-2014) directly from her website using this link.

Honoring the Legacy of David Park – Reception – SCU

Honoring the Legacy of David Park
Edward M Dowd Art and Art History Building
Santa Clara Univiersity
April 3 − 28 2017


The Panel Discussion and Reception for the Honoring the Legacy of David Park exhibition curated by John Seed and organized by Kelly Detweiler was truly memorable! There was a fascinating Panel Discussion with Jennifer Pochinski, Helen Park Bigelow, John Seed , DeWitt Cheng and Kelly Detweiler.

The show was juried by John Seed, DeWitt Cheng, Jessica Phillips and Andrea Pappas. Congratulations to the winners Gage OpdenbrouwKurt SolmssenMark HansonBetsy Kendall and Phyllis Hersh Gorsen!

Invited Artists:
Kyle Staver
Jennifer Pochinski

Juried Artists:
Alix Bailey, James Bland, Marie Cameron, Linda Christensen, Ashley Norwood Cooper, Melinda Cootsona, Kim Frohsin, Sonia Gill, Phyllis Gorsen, Cynthia Grili, Nancy Gruskin, Mark Hanson, Irene Cuadrado Hernandez, Mitchel Johnson, Betsy Kendall, Rachel Kline,Sue Ellen R. Leys, Kathy Liao, Fred Lower, Janet Norris, Gage Opdenbrouw, David Iacovazzi-Pau, Jill Madden, Nicholas Mancini, Sandy Ostrau, Catherine Prescott, Jose Luis Ceña Ruiz, William Rushton, Francis Sills, Kurt Solmssen, David Tomb, Christina Renfer Vogel, Martin Webb, John Webber, William Wray

There is a beautiful exhibition catalogue available online:

David Park
Woman with Red Mouth
(reproduction – original oil on canvas

Curator John Seed with Kyle Staver’s Biker Trilogy.

Curator John Seed with Dead Dog from Kyle Staver’s Biker Trilogy.

Curator John Seed with Jennifer Pochinski’s Strand and Two Women.

Jennifer Pochinski with her oil paintings Strand and Two Women.

Mitchell Johnson with his oil painting Met Breuer 1.

Kim Frohsin with her acrylic, pencil and ink painting, Nightime at the Fair.

Gage Opdenbrouw with his oil painting Garden (Garland of Hours).




Mark Hanson with his oil, Late Afternoon.

Me with my oil pairing Blue Corset.

Sue Ellen R. Leys with her encaustic Asbury Surf.

Martin Webb with his mixed media painting Boatbuilding.

Kathy Liao and her oil painting Float.

David Tomb with his charcoal drawing, Quiet Conversations (and artist Kim Frohsin).

Linda Christensen and her oil painting Lifeguard.

William Rushton with his oil painting Afternoon Light.

Sonia Gill with her oil painting The Assistant.

David Iacovazzi-Pau with his oil painting Tom & Billy (portrait of Tom Schneph and Billy Hertz).

Sandy Ostrau with her oil painting Whale Watch.

Cynthia Grilli with her oil painting The Envelope.

Sonia Gill with her oil painting The Assistant.

Honoring the Legacy of David Park Panel Discussion. Jennifer Pochinski, Helen Park Bigelow (Davis Park’s daughter and author of  David Park, Painter: Nothing Held Back, John SeedDeWitt Cheng and Kelly Detweiler.

Linda Fleming’s newly installed painted steel sculpture.
Edward M. Dowd Art & Art History B

Linda Fleming’s newly installed painted steel sculpture.
Edward M. Dowd Art & Art History Building
Santa Clara University

In the Pink (WIP)

I love color soooo much that I rarely limit myself to just one! But there was a call for monochromatic work that got me thinking about what would I do if I had to just pick one color? I was fresh off the Women’s March, that sea of pink still swirling in my mind and I knew right away that I wanted to paint a still life of a pussyhat!  I have to say I’m tickled pink with the way it’s shaping up!

Here’s today’s progress:

Fur Feathers & Fins Tonight!


Tonight is the FUR, FEATHERS & FINS exhibition, juried by DeWitt Cheng, Curator of Stanford Art Spaces,  at the Pacific Art League from 5:30 − 8:00 pm. I have three of my Birds & Teacup paintings in this show where a percentage of proceeds from sales will go to support the local Humane Society. I can’t wait to see this Pink Rhino #1 by Jihoon Choi!

Anemone Tea I  - oil on board – 12″x12″

Petunia Tea I – oil on board – 12″x12″

Magnolia Tea II  - oil on board – 12″x12″



Blue Corset & David Park

I am delighted to share that my painting, Blue Corset has been selected for the upcoming exhibition, Honoring the Legacy of David Park, at Santa Clara University, April 3-28. This show, supported by a grant from the Sam Francis Foundation, will be anchored by the amazing work of Jennifer Pochinski and Kyle Staver with a panel discussion and reception on April 15 from 4-7pm.

David Park – Seated Figure, 1960 (artnet)

You may wonder how my work relates to the bold abstracted figures of David Park, but more than seeking out pieces that are a close copy of his style, this show called on artists that honor Park’s “legacy of artistic honesty, strong work ethic, and commitment to the figure”.

For a bit of background, John Seed, who helped to organize this exhibition, wrote a very moving piece for the Huffington Post which really touched a cord with me – Social Media Friendships, Artists As A Tribe And An Homage To Artist David Park (1911-1960), underscoring how meaningful creating an artistic community and paying it forward can be!

Aviary on Fifth Avenue

More window shopping along Fifth Avenue at Bergdorf Goodman’s, this vignette is called A Bird’s Eye View. These windows glow  like jewels at night but during the day they play with the reflections of the city, creating a wintery dreamscape. Beyond all the white feathered birds here, I love the languid gesture of both the peacock’s neck and the manikin’s arm! In the final photo a woman seems to materialize from a glowing curtain of feathers!

Gorillas in Our Midst

Window shopping is at it’s best during the holidays and nowhere better than Fifth Avenue in New York City!  Bergdorf Goodman’s was far and away my favorite, each vitrine a world in itself! Beyond the artistry that’s gone into each one I loved the way these fantasies interplayed with the reflection of the city beyond the window! It’s a jungle out there (Trump Tower is across the street (beside Tiffany’s).

womanKind Reception

The womanKIND reception was a warm-hearted gathering on a very cold night at the Citadel Gallery in San Jose. The exhibition, a Cole / Drews Watkins project was held in support of the YWCA Silcon Valley – eliminating racism, empowering women! Last day to see the show is Monday, December 19th from 12 to 6 pm.

Power houses Susan Drews Watkins and Sara Cole who put together the show welcoming us all to the exhibition.

Tanis Crosby, CEO of the YWCA Silicon Valley speaking eloquently about the importance of being there for each other as women, as community. Very inspirational!


We were touched by the powerful spoken word poetry of Diana D’Angelo, Sara Cole and Ashlie Andrade.  Check back soon, I’ll be posting video links to these readings!

Many of the exhibiting artists were present, here I am with my floral paintings.

Jhina Alvarado with her Mixed media encaustics.

Diana D’Angelo and her mixed media paintings.

Ashlie Andrade with Sara Cole’s paintings on paper.

Sara Cole with her self portraits.

Susan Drews Watkins and friends.

Susan Drews Watkins sculpture, metal, water and glass.

Joy Redick and her watercolors.

Lisa Renée Falk and her Citrus Dress – glass, silk and plastic citrus bags.

Lisa Renée Falk and her Citrus Dress, glass, silk and plastic citrus bags.

Trace Galbraith and her slumped glass work.

My Birds and Teacups cards.

Tableart by Henri Mansfield Herns.

Work by Tableart, Gutfreund, Cole, Cameron



Marti Somers Squirrel over Tumbleweed, Mixed media on panel.

Karen Gutefreund‘s Perpetual Motion,  mixed media on canvas. Karen had been to the show early in the afternoon before racing off to Arc in San Francisco for the opening of the F*ck U! exhibition reception!

Brigitte Carnochan‘s  Pot of Daffodils , silver gelatin print.

Jhina Alvarado’s Alberts, mixed media encaustic paintings.

Jamie Woods, YWCA Silicon Valley’s Associate Director of Philanthropy and Sara Cole.

It was an honor to meet Tanis Crosby and help to support the YWCA Silicon Valley for all that they do – eliminating racism and empowering women! I hope we’re able to raise lot’s of money with this show for the important work that they do in our community!

Birds and Teacup Cards!

Was there a particular Birds and Teacups painting you’d like to have as a card?

Let me know if you’re interested as I’m putting through an order in the next few days… I’ll be donating  $1 per card to the YWCA Silicon Valley as part of the womanKIND exhibition, a Coles / Drews Watkins project running December 16-19 at The Citadel Gallery, 199 Martha street in San Jose. I will have a selection of cards available for purchase at the reception, Saturday, December 17 from 6-9 pm and will reserve cards or mail them out upon request.

These are folded cards, printed on premium paper stock with a matte finish and an accompanying envelope in a cellophane sleeve. 5″x 5″ cards are $5 and the 5″x7″cards are $6.

The titles are up on my website, check older entries to find them all:

Lilac Tea Time

I just put up Lilac Tea I on my portfolio and soon it will be exhibited in womanKIND, A Cole / Drews Project supporting the YWCA of Silicon Valley at The Citadel Gallery from December 16-19 with a reception Saturday, December 17 from 6-9.

The lilac symbolizes the first emotions of love in the Victorian language of flowers, I paired this flower with an Anna’s Hummingbird and an antique Bavarian J &C teacup called “Louise” (my middle name).