Saving the Earth by Changing Art – Art Ark

Shannon Amidon, the curator of Arousing Biophilia invited the Art Inspector, Danielle Siembieda, to give a very interesting presentation, Saving the Earth by Changing Art at Art Ark in San Jose yesterday. She spoke about how we should be cognisant of our own carbon footprint in the art world. “We” meaning  everyone from hobbyists, manufactures, retailers, artists, teachers, institutions, curators, museums, conservators, collectors as well as government and non-governmental organizations. There …

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Coffee Tawk – The Obama Portraits

Portraits are so contentious! John Singer Sargent, arguably one of the very best portrait painters, is known to have said, “Every time I paint a portrait, I lose a friend.” No wonder there is still such controversy over the Obama portraits at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery! These groundbreaking figures, the very first African American family in the White House are beloved to so many and thanks to the wellspring …

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Waterlines Artist Talk at NUMU Tomorrow

Please join me for a conversation with curator Marianne McGrath at NUMU tomorrow, Saturday, November 4th. We will be talking about the genesis of my pieces Stilla Maris (drop of the sea) and California Water Rites, currently on exhibit with Waterlines. We will explore my artistic process, my relationship with water and notions of what might be considered sacred. Come and ask me stuff! Share your experience of water and what it …

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Conversation with Philip Hua

Another great conversation at NUMU, this time curator Marianne McGrath spoke with Philip Hua, an exhibiting artist with More Than Your Selfie on going through May 15, 2016. He spoke on branding yourself as an artist, the differences between selfies and self portraiture and opened a window into his poetic performative prints, that evolve when exposed to light overtime, his re:active work, manipulated digital prints on construction paper and newsprint, …

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High Tea – Chez Moi!

This is will be so much fun ….the Art Docents of Los Gatos will be hosting a High Tea at my studio May 10 to raise money for all the great work they do bringing art to our students! This catered event will include an artist’s talk in which I will focus on my Birds and Teacups series – my process and my motivation. Tea will be served in the …

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Linda Christensen at NUMU

In conjunction with the ongoing More Than Your Selfie exhibit, Linda Christensen gave a great talk at NUMU last night in which she talked about her painting philosophy, process and studio tips! In Self, Linda Christensen’s oil painting in the More that your Selfie exhibit at NUMU, as in most of her work, the artist  is interested in the “honest body language of the unobserved figure”. Her paintings are not about capturing …

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David Stonesifer on Plein Air

“I paint what I believe in.” Los Gatos artist, David Stonesifer gave a wonderful talk about his approach to plein air painting and it’s role in the California art scene as part of the Brown Bag Lunch series at the Triton Museum of Art.  He shared lots of great painting tips and his infectious passion for the immediacy and vibrancy of the genre! Plein air is painting that is done …

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Cedar Waxwings in my Toyon

Cedar Waxwing 5 - Marie Cameron 2016

OK, the robins didn’t strip my toyon in one day, they had a little help… these cedar waxwings ate more that their fill. What exactly does it man to “Eat like a bird” anyway?                         As far as photography goes, the focus is a bit soft…but as reference material for my paintings…BINGO!

Coffee with the Curator

What a great way to start the day – Coffee with the Curator at the Triton Museum of Art! Today Preston Metcalf spoke on how to improve your chances of getting into competitions and exhibitions and one tip really surprised me. The Triton offers the chance of a solo show in their annual Salon – a statewide competition and exhibition of 2D work. I had thought that since this was the …

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Taste for Thiebaud?

Wayne Thiebaud is a Bay Area Icon! Whether he’a painting figures, landscapes or his famous cakes and pastries, his subject is really about form and color and light and his thick, painterly painterly impastos. He’ll be speaking at tonights’ Burt and Deedee McMurty Lecture, Wayne Thiebaud: Painted World, at CEMEX Auditorium hosted by The Anderson Collection at Stanford University! For ticket information go to: Meanwhile, incase you need something to wet …

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