The Telling of Beautiful Untrue Things – Anthony Riggs

The Recovery of Reason After the Fall of Eden – 2013 – oil on canvas

Today Anthony Riggs gave an artist talk as part of the Brown Bag Lunch Lectures at the Triton Museum of Art in conjunction with his exhibition, The Telling of Beautiful Untrue Things (such a gorgeous title)!  These aesthetically arresting paintings weave historical art imagery and patterns (from both Eastern and Western cultures) with religious and pop allegories and environmental and scientific symbolism. His paintings are studded with post-modern elements such as pixelation, color banding and employ a collaged style in which space, scale, light and color are all intentionally ambiguous. His figures, carefully rendered in three dimensional style, inhabit two dimensional spaces and are even bisected by flat swaths of pattern. Shadows are purposely inconsistent and color is thoroughly appealing but rarely reliable. All to underscore the artifice inherent in the the very act of painting.

The artist shared a quote from George Orwell that was on his mind as he created this body of work, “All art is propaganda.” In a time before the printing press, the radio, the television, and the internet, there was the power of the painting which was used through patronage of the Church and State and those in power to promote ideology and status. Painting is not truth – art and artifice go hand in hand and that is what Riggs is emphasizing in his seductive, apocalyptic paintings in which opposing ideologies and power dynamics intertwine in conflict without answers but leaving room for more questions. It is a good time to be questioning and seeking one’s own truth in this age of the internet where fake news and propaganda flows fast and furious and purposely muddies the waters between fact and fiction.

In Much Wisdom is Much Grief – 2017 – oil on canvas

All is Vanity and Vexation of Spirit – 2017 – oil on canvas

He that Increases His Knowledge Increases his Sorrow – 2017 – oil on canvas

The Future will be Better Tomorrow – 2012 – oil on canvas

The Star Planters – 2014 – oil and metal leaf on canvas

The Gemini (detail from diptych) – 2016 – oil on canvas


Anthony Riggs is based in Benicia, California. You can visit his exhibition, The Telling of Beautiful Untrue Things, which runs until August 5 at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California or visit his website,

Lunch with Theodore Wores

What a pleasure to learn more about Theodore Wores, California Impressionist painter (1859-1939) over my bag of almonds at the Triton Museum of Art’s Brown Bag Lunch series conducted by Deputy Director, Preston Metcalf today! The Triton has 47 of his paintings in their permanent collection, a generous gift from his wife, Caroline Bauer. A good number of these pieces were recently cleaned and restored and are included in this exhibit, Under the California Sun, which consists of landscapes painted in the San Francisco Bay Area and Yosemite. Many of his orchards were painted right here in Los Gatos and Saratoga and are so special to me as I grew up in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, surrounded by orchards. In fact, they are actually kicking off their annual Apple Blossom Festival today! Under the California Sun will continue at the Triton until July 29 when it will go on tour!

Theodore Wores – Spring Blossoms of California – Los Gatos – 1919 – oil on canvas.

Theodore Wores – Blossomtime, Saratoga, California – 1919 – oil on canvas.

Theodore Wores -Tree Blossoms – 1920 – oil on canvas

Theodore Wores – Road with Blossoming Trees – 1922 – oil on canvas.

Theodore Wores – Road by Blossoming Orchard – 1925 – oil on canvas

Theodore Wores – Spring Blosoms of Los Gatos – 1925- oil on canvas.

Theodore Wores – My Studio Garden in Saratoga, Ca. – 1926 – oil on canvas.

Theodore Wores – A Garden in Saratoga, California – 1927 – oil on canvas.

Want to see more Wores? The Triton has a batch of paintings he did in Spain that need the same loving (read professional and expensive) cleaning and restoration that these pieces had. They are gratefully seeking financial donations (to bridge the gap in grants)…just saying!

Triton Salon 2017 – Artists & Art

The Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California held their huge reception on Sunday for their annual Salon, a statewide 2D art competition and exhibition (November 11, 2017 – February 04, 2018). Juried this year by Cherri Lakey and Brian Eder, co-owners of Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose, there was just too much exceptional work to cover in a single post so I thought I would just feature some of the artists that I managed to catch with their work and put together another post later on. Congratulations to everyone on being selected for this great show! I’ve tried to link artist’s websites to their name which you can click on if you are interested in seeing more of their work.

Gabriel Coke    Hannah and Scarlett in the Studio with Me    Oil on Linen ( Honorable Mention)

Lorraine Lawson    Orient Express     mixed media on canvas

Maura Carta   Sri    oil on wood

Dotti Cichon    Ancient Memories of Metamorphosis    copper leaf, patina on found fabric

Kaaren Marquez    Shuttered but Not Forgotten    watercolor

David Stonesifer    Saratoga Orchard    oil on canvas panel

Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila    Liberty Prometheus Inception   oil on canvas

Jenifer J. Renzel     Moon Gods    mixed media acrylic

Hadi Aghaee     The Lingering Somber Thoughts    oil, mixed media

Deepali Kapatkar    Story of the Warriors     pastel on paper

Avery Palmer    The Outing    oil on masonite

Diane Warner-Wang    English Breakfast    oil on canvas panel

Beichen Li     Outside Light    acrylic on canvas

Carol Ramos    Just Joey    watercolor on paper

David Ligare at the Triton

There is an absolutely stunning retrospective of David Ligare‘s paintings currently on at the Triton Museum of Art.  I could try to stumble around a description of his work, the impeccable technique, the fine draftsmanship, the exquisite sense of light and place, the billowing drapery caught on a sea breeze, the classically themed allegories with their sensitively rendered figures and buildings but all of this seems to exist on a higher plain that needs to be seen and experienced rather than clumsily communicated by me. David Ligare – California Classicist runs until August 14 and must be seen to be appreciated!  Here are a few pictures from last Friday’s Opening Reception:

Me standing in front of Arete – simply a stunning masterpiece!

And better still standing in front of Arete with the artist David Ligare himself!


Coung Nguyen, getting his book signed by the artist,  Docta Pietas – Oil on Canvas – Collection of Barbara N. Hyland and William G. Hyland,   Preston Metcalf Executive Director of the Triton and Marianne McGrath, Curator NUMU in conversation.

David Molesky and David Ligare in front of Landscape with an Archer – Oil on canvas –  collection of the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

Artists David Molesky and Holly Lane viewing the exhibition.

The model for Penelope was present at the reception and inspired a photography frenzy!


Rock – Oil on canvas – Collection of Lorna Meyer Calas and Dennis Calas

Salon at the Triton 2016

The Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California, hosts an annual Salon, a statewide competition and exhibition of 2-D work, this year guest juried by Charlotte Eyerman, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Monterey Museum of Art! Out of the 1450 submissions, 124 pieces by 114 artists were selected for the show, my painting Wildflower among them.

The reception for the salon is always packed and is hard to get a good look at all the work while visiting with artists and friends but it always make for a memorable evening! (This is my third year in a row exhibiting – knock on wood).

This year was very special, I was honored to have Aušra, the daughter of Antanas Štarka (the man whose portrait I painted in Wildflower) and partner Ilan attend the reception with Aušra’s niece Laura, straight from her flight from Europe!  Aušra is an amazing photographer whose photograph had inspired the painting. It was Aušra too that had made the wreath of Lithuanian wildflowers that he’s wearing in the painting and I was so touched when she brought me a matching bouquet of flowers! One day soon this painting will travel on to Lithuania!

Sometimes I have fun dressing like my paintings – this time my friend, artist Tom Yacoe, unknowingly did… I understand he is even half Lithuanian!


There was just too many people to enjoy talking with to do a comprehensive award report – I’m not even sure who won all the prizes and will have to go back for a quiet, studious look later.   But I’ll share a few photos of artists I was able to catch:

Lauren Herzog Schwartz – Exuberance III – charcoal


Denise Howard – Tenuous – graphite on paper,  Belinda Lima – On the Edge – collage,  Deepali Kapatkar Race Against Time and Juxtaposed – pastel on paper.

Vanessa Callanta – One Breath – charcoal on paper

Peter Carey – Pienza – watercolor on board

Monica Valdez – First Place Painting  –  Phyllotopsis I, Trametes, T. Versicolor – gouache and graphtie over watercolor, acrylic and monotype

Elizabeth Barlow – Pas de Deux – oil on linen

Nabeela Sajaad –  Heavenly Refuge – acrylic on canvas



Also a special year because I got to meet up with my girlfriends and hit a Thai restaurant after!

If you’d like to see the full list of exhibiting artists, please click here for the link.

Wildflower at the Triton’s Salon


I got a chance to take a quick peek at the Salon (between piano and ballet lessons) the work is fabulous as will be the reception for this statewide competition and exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art (guest juried by Charlotte Eyerman, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Monterey Museum of Art)! The exhibition runs April 16 – May 29, 2016. Reception this Friday 6-8 pm.

So delighted to be part of this with Wildflower!
Looking forward to hanging out with peers and friends! Come – you’re all invited!

David Stonesifer on Plein Air

“I paint what I believe in.”
Los Gatos artist, David Stonesifer gave a wonderful talk about his approach to plein air painting and it’s role in the California art scene as part of the Brown Bag Lunch series at the Triton Museum of Art.  He shared lots of great painting tips and his infectious passion for the immediacy and vibrancy of the genre!

David Stonesifer - Plein Air- Brown Bag Lunch Series- TrIton Museum of Art - photo Marie Cameron 2016 - talk

Plein air is painting that is done on the spot, outside in all kinds of weather. You have to be quick and skilled to get down your response to what you see before the light and shadows change and David Stonesifer gave us all kinds of advice he’s gleaned from great teachers and years of “brush milage” in the field. One was, “Don’t chase the shadows!” -paint those in first if that’s where your interest lies – get that down quick!

David Stonesifer - Plein Air- Brown Bag Lunch Series- TrIton Museum of Art - photo Marie Cameron 2016 - audience

David Stonesifer spoke of Oakland’s Society of Six – a plein air group that I need to study up on! One of them had said of his work, “I have nothing to say, but much to express”.  Such a lovely way of summing up the plein air experience, which has historically (pre-camera) been about capturing the scene as a study for the larger “real” painting that would be done in the studio later. These “studies” have come to be highly valued in their own right for the freedom and immediacy that the studio work often lacks.  That’s what Stonesifer loves being out there with his subject and painting it as se sees it and feels it.

David Stonesifer - Plein Air- Brown Bag Lunch Series- TrIton Museum of Art - photo Marie Cameron 2016  Theodore Wores 1925

We were even treated to a comparison of a Saratoga orchard painting from 1925 by Theodore Wores (from the Triton’s permanent collection) to one of Stonesifer’s from last week in nearly the same spot!

David Stonesifer - Plein Air- Brown Bag Lunch Series- TrIton Museum of Art - photo Marie Cameron 2016 David Stonesifer - Plein Air- Brown Bag Lunch Series- TrIton Museum of Art - photo Marie Cameron 2016  Wores vs Stonesifer

David Stonesifer - Plein Air- Brown Bag Lunch Series- TrIton Museum of Art - photo Marie Cameron 2016 painting

David Stonesifer shared with us a number of paintings showing different weather and times of the year.

David Stonesifer - Navakavich Orchard, Saratoga, Feb 6, 2013 - oil on board - photo Marie Cameron

I’m delighted to have several of Davis Stonesifer’s paintings  in my personal collection, Navakavich Orchard, Saratoga (above) and Saratoga Barn (below). I adore them, beyond their beauty and subject matter, for the skillfully free manner in which their painted.

David Stonesifer - Saratoga Barn, June 15, 2012 LG Plein Air Event - oil on board - photo Marie Cameron

One of  the tips  David Stonesifer shared with us is to block in a thin, general underpainting using the complementary color of what you see. When the underpainting peaks through the final brushstrokes it adds a vibrant intensity. You can see in this illustrated in the painting above where he’s used pink and peach under the sky and mountains and aqua and periwinkle under the meadow.

David Stonesifer - Plein Air- Brown Bag Lunch Series- TrIton Museum of Art - photo Marie Cameron 2016 - with audience

There was certainly a lot of interest in this well attended lecture!

I case you’d like to see more of his work, you can visit his website or his upcoming open studio Saturday & Sunday, May 7 & 8 from 10am – 5pm at 18000 Overlook Road, Los Gatos, an event not to be missed!


Islamic Art at the Triton

The Triton‘s Islamic Art Lunchtime Lecture with Nabeela Sajjad and Lubna Achikzai was fascinating and heart warming. I love the outreach their non-profit, the Islamic Art Exhibit is doing – shedding light on the beauty of the Islamic culture at a time when there is so much ignorance and fear. They are also doing some interfaith art collaborations which are so important in our multicultural world!

Curator Preston Metcalf introducing Lubna Achikzai and Nabeela Sajjad from Islamic Art Exhibit.

Nabeela Sajjad
The Opening
Al-Fatiha 1: 1-7

This Kufic painting was so admired at the opening of the, What the Triton Means to Me exhibition,  (which was the setting for this lecture) that a patron purchased it that night and donated it to the Museums’s permanent collection!

Nabeela Sajjad and Lubna Achikzai co-founders of the Islamic Art Exhibit.

Artist Nabeela Sajjad.

Nabeela Sajjad describing her artistic process in this square Kufic painting,  Testimony of Faith, acrylic on canvas 2015.

Co-founder of the Islamic Art Exhibit, Lubna Achikzat.

Curator Preston Metcalf thanking Nabeela Sajjad and Lubna Achikzai from Islamic Art Exhibit for their presentation and their work in the community.

Coffee with the Curator

What a great way to start the day – Coffee with the Curator at the Triton Museum of Art!

Today Preston Metcalf spoke on how to improve your chances of getting into competitions and exhibitions and one tip really surprised me. The Triton offers the chance of a solo show in their annual Salon – a statewide competition and exhibition of 2D work. I had thought that since this was the prize you might increase your chances of winning by demonstrating with your entries that you could produce a cohesive solo show. I guess that’s putting the cart before the horse – you need to get in the show first before there’s any judging, so providing a deeper variety of work may open that door to getting in. It’s the opposite of an exhibition proposal where you do want to demonstrate that continuity.  Hmmm!

Deadline for the next Salon is sometime in February, 2016!

I was happy to see artists Yao-pi Hsu and Stephanie Lam there today – both solo show winners from last year!  Hsu’s photography exhibit, Life. Water is still up and Lam’s show is scheduled for 2016.

I was also happy to hang out with artist Fleur Spolidor, here we are in front of Robert Schlegel’s, Horse Standing and Equine, part of Menagerie 2: Selections from the Permanent Collection.

I just want to make a note that I was sporting my fabulous hand-painted BAMR bag by artist Demetris Washington, whose work I was first introduced to by the Triton’s 50 and Looking Forward exhibition earlier this year. I love the Triton!

50 and Looking Forward

To celebrate turning 50 the Triton Museum of Art organized a forward looking exhibition of emerging and mid-career artists that will play an important role in the art scene into the future. I was able to meet with a number of the artists at the opening reception last Friday and while this post is by no means comprehensive, I hope it will give readers a taste for more of the exciting work in 50 and Looking Forward which runs until July 12, 2015. Click on the names of the artists for links to their websites.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Demetris Washington - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Mind of Gold is a dynamic, bold and colorful painting by Demetris “BAMR” Washington, his tag standing for Becoming A Man Righteously. I wish I’d asked him to tell me about his imagery it’s really intriguing!

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Shannon Amindon- photo Marie Cameron 2015

Shannon Amindon  and her lovely, layered, mixed media encaustic silhouettes.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Shannon Amindon - Stirred by the Wind - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Stirred by the Wind by Shannon Amindon.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Julie Hughes - Spore(kle) - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Spore(kle) (detail) installation by Julia Hughes  – acrylic on mylar, paper, wax, glue, thread.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Jaya King, The Chicken That Saved the Day and honey : hand model  -  photo Marie Cameron 2015

Jaya King,  her mixed media gouache, The Chicken that Saved the Day and her honey / hand model reenacting the scene.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Jojo Perea -The Beautiful Teacher- photo Marie Cameron 2015

The Beautiful Teacher by Jojo Perea painted on recycled cardboard, there was a magnifying glass on hand to catch the fine details.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Pantea Karimi - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Pantea Karimi turns to early Persian texts and scientific illustrations for longue durée clues to today’s environment. She meticulously recreates styles of alphabets to employ in her work, these marks at times resembling birds or waves or bookends. Subtle, smart and intriguing!

50 and Looking Forward - Pantea Karimi - Water, Earth Air, Wood -  photo Marie Cameron 2015

Water, Earth, Air, Wood by Pantea Karimi.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Cuong Nguyen and model - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Exceptional portraitist, Cuong Nguyen and his beautifully bearded model.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Miguel Machuca - Unlocking through Fear- photo Marie Cameron 2015

Unlocking Through Fear by Miguel Machuca.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Vanessa Callanta - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Vanessa Callanta and her personality filled portraits.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Viviana Paredes - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Viviana Paredes works with glass and natural materials in her sculptures that explore a cultural tradition of the natural and the sacred in an changing world.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Viviana Paredes corn cache detail - photo Marie Cameron 2015             50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Viviana Paredes - Talismu - photo Marie Cameron 2015           50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Viviana Paredes - Heirloom Corn Cache  - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Heirloom corn kernels in glass flasks (details from wall installation)  and Talismu by Viviana Paredes.

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Patrick Hofmeister and painting - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Patrick WäDL Hofmeister paints intricate, highly symbolic and often autobigraphical worlds .

50 and Looking Forward - Triton - Stephanie Metz sculptures- photo Marie Cameron 2015

Flesh and Bone  felted wool sculptures by Stephanie Metz.

Golden Gala

The Triton Museum of Art celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a Golden Gala last weekend raising money for educational programming. Apart from the great food and bubbly and wonderful company, it was particularly exciting to see the art generously donated by so many bay area artists for the silent auction!

Here’s a piece that Melissa McKenzie of Santa Clara Weekly published on the event, David Stonesifer’s painting is bing bid on in the photograph below:

Triton’s Golden Gala Celebrates Museums 50th Anniversary Melissa McKenzie


Triton's Golden Gala - Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila and Marie Cameron - photo by Ron Dell'Aquila 2015

Photo courtesy of Ron Dell’Aquila

Photographer Ron Dell’Aquila, who had donated one of his gorgeous Pastel Diner photographs from his recent solo exhibition at the Triton, was there with his camera. He took these shots of me with donating artists, Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila  and Holly Van Hart. Mei-Ying had donated her impressive oil painting, Dawn of Knowledge and Holly had donated a beautiful giclée from her Possibility Abounds series which also enjoyed a solo show at the Triton recently.

Triton's golden Gala - Marie Cameron and Holly Van Hart  - photo by Ron Dell'Aquila 2015

Photo courtesy of Ron Dell’Aquila

The piece I had donated was Frozen Thoughts  (that little purple dot on the wall below).

Triton's Golden Gala

Here’s a close up, it was painted on a convex canvas emulating the paperweight that had inspired it.

Marie Cameron Frozen Thoughts 2012 oil on canvas 16x16


Triton's Golden Gala

Chief Curator, Preston Metcalf and his men in black about to announce the closing of one of the silent auction rooms.

Triton's Golden Gala

Paparazzi about to capture the moment.

Triton Golden Gala - Robin and Marie - Photo courtesy of Ron Dell'Aquila 2015

Photo Courtesy of Ron Dell’Aquila

It was such a pleasure to attend the event with my husband Robin. That’s Ron’s Pastel Diner photograph behind us (which we were outbid on). We did what we could to bid on many pieces but only lucked out with one….. and it was a goodie too – an original photograph of Frida Kahlo taken by Bay Area artist Emmy Lou Packard in 1941.

Frida - Emmy Lou Packard- 1941

Emmy Lou Packard had lived with Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in Mexico working as a studio assistant for a time, taking lots of photographs like the one above. She had also worked as Diego Rivera’s chief assistant for the Pan America Unity Mural  for the Golden Gate Exposition.  In this image you can imagine Frida pausing for a smoke break in the sun outside her studio.

I can’t begin to say how much it means to me to have this photograph of my favorite painter where I can see it every day – so very inspiring!

Also inspiring is how many people came out to support the Triton an institution that has been serving our community for so long and so well!

Cinco de Mayo, Frida and the Golden Gala

Feliz Cinco de Mayo todos!

It’s a big deal here in the San Francisco Bay Area with lots of celebrations and parties. My gardener Fred just told me that his niece will be dancing in traditional dress for the 49ers game today a very big deal!

The way I will be celebrating is gazing at my Triton Museum of Art’s Golden Gala silent auction win – an original photograph by local artist Emmy Lou Packard of my art icon, Frida Kahlo!

Frida - Emmy Lou Packard -1941

The Triton was celebrating it’s 50th anniversary of serving out community – so happy to support them!  I will drink a tequila toast to the Triton, to Emmy Lou and to Frida!


The Salon

I’m always impressed by the great quality and diversity of work that goes into this annual statewide competition and exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art, work that is made even stronger by the context of how it is paired with other pieces which reinforces aesthetics or meanings by drawing on similarities or emphasizing contrasts.

Salon - Triton - 2014

Amazing color and movement on this wall, topped off by a mixed media piece, Having Fun, by Jeanette Turkus.

Salon - Triton - 2014

Incredibly strong portrait it an interesting color to grey-tone ombre effect.

Salon - Triton - 2014

I think these red shoes (apart from Shards) might have been my personal favorite in the exhibit!

Salon - Triton - 2014

I love the way these prints were hung next to Shards, both works were ocean themed made up of swirling strokes.

Salon -  Triton - Marie Cameron - Shards - Point Alones -  2014

Sequins, shells and Shards-Point Alones at the Salon!

Salon - Triton - 2014

Of course the big news of the night is who won the coveted solo shows that the Triton was offering …. this time the honor went to a painter and a photographer.

Salon - Stephanie Lam  2014

Stephanie Lam not only won Best in Show for her oil, African Child 3, but also an Honorable Mention for her oil, African Child 1!

Triton Salon Yao-pi Hsu - Flow and Splash

Similarly, Yao-pi Hsu (who I know from the Los Gatos Museums Gallery) also won Best in Show for her photograph, Splash and Flow and took a third in photography for a second of three pieces she had juried into the show, Beyond the Surface!

Salon -  Triton - Her Muses - Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila -2014

Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila was awarded Third Place for her oil Her Muses.

Salon - Triton- Ron Dell'Aquila  - Toy Maker -2014

Ron Dell’Aquila took First Place in photography with Toy Maker, one of two photographs he had int he show.

Salon - Triton - After the Storm -  Kim Newell 2014

Kim Newell was awarded an Honorable Mention for her oil, After the Storm.

Salon -  Triton - Cherryl Pape - James - Charcoal -  2014

Cherryl Pape was awarded an Honorable Mention for her charcoal drawing, James.

Salon - Triton - Squeezer -  Jeff Owen - 2014

Jeff Owen was awarded an Honorable Mention for his digital photo, Squeezer.

Salon - 5 2014

I see a David Lippenberger painting in the corner.

Salon - Triton - 2014

Great glasses combo on the right!

Salon - Belinda Lima 2014

Belinda Lima with her mixed media piece, Perceived Realites.

Salon - Julia Watson 2014

Julia Watson with her oil, Nocturne 2.

Salon - Lynette R. Cook 2014

Lynette R. Cook with her acrylic, All Lined Up  (up top).

Salon - Vanessa Callanta 2014

Vanessa Callanta with her acrylic, Bryan’s Hands.

Salon -  Triton -  2014

In the end, there are just so many people to talk with – it was hard to catch everyone I wanted to! There were plenty of artist shots that I missed, and I definitely need to go back for a closer look at all the great work!

Thanks to all my friends who dropped by to say hello-  It always means so much to me!

Salon - Girlfriends! 2014

Shards at the Salon

Triton Salon 2014

More than just another show, the Triton Statewide Competition and Exhibition (aka the Salon) is an annual highlight for me. Yes, it is a chance to win a coveted solo show at the Triton Musuem of Art (this year they are offering two) but just getting juried in is an official recognition that your work is taken seriously!

Shards at the Salon 2014

That’s why my heart gave a little flutter the first time I saw my piece, Shards – Point Alones, hanging in the exhibit.  It’s a large work too, at  64″ x 64″ it’s not a piece I can show just anywhere – but it makes for a great anchor piece for the expansive space of the Triton! Still, I can’t wait until the opening reception 6-8 pm this Friday when the the museum will be absolutely packed!

Shards at the Triton Salon 2014

For the story behind Shards – Point Alones check out these earlier posts of 3/31/14, 7/21/14 and my portfolio.

Marie Cameron - Shards - Triton -photo Jaya King 2014

Savoring the moment.

Shards Postcard



Ron Dell’Aquila’s Photography at the Triton

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014

I was super excited to attend the opening reception of my friend, Ron Dell’Aquila‘s photography exhibition last night at the Triton Museum of Art.  He was awarded this coveted solo show when he won the Triton’s Statewide Exhibition and Competition (no small achievement) and the show looked absolutely fabulous!

His work ranges from figure as landscape, actual landscapes, portraits and floral abstractions but my personal favorites, which I’ll feature here, are his night scenes from Taipei shot in glorious, saturated HDR!

They all seem to have this quiet, unobserved quality to their worlds which is beautiful, luminous and intimate.


Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014 - Marie Cameron and Shop Girls

These shop girls, shot in a busy night market are beyond gorgeous, their downcast eyes allow the viewer to gaze at their beauty in an extended sidelong glance.

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014 Shop Girl 2

Shop Girl 2,  2012   Printed Inks on Archival Paper

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014 Shop Girl 1

Shop Girl 1,  2012   Printed Inks on Archival Paper

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014 - Marie Cameron and Pastel Diners

Pastel Diners are exquisite, caught between layers of glass, steam, reflected light, and a narrow depth of field, the subjects are brought into a gentle focus, one that we as observers seem privileged to witness.

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014 - Pastel Diners - Tea 2009

Pastel Diners : Tea,  2009   Printed Inks on Archival Paper

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014 Pastel Diners - Children 2009

Pastel Diners : Children,  2009   Printed Inks on Archival Paper

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014 -Touch me Here - 2013

Touch me Here ,  2014   Printed Inks on Archival Paper

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton  Red Lantern Alley, 2012

Red Lantern Alley,   2012   Printed Inks on Archival Paper

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014 - Motorcycle tripod

Ron explained how he was drawn to this alley, he just had a feeling about it and once all the people had cleared out he ended up using a motorcycle as a tripod for this shot!

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton  Reception 1

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014 Reception

Ron Dell'Aquila - Photography  Triton 2014 Reception

Ron Dell’Aquila’s photographs seem stunning here but try to imagine how much better they are in real life! Try to see them. The exhibition runs until November 16, 2014 at the Triton Museum of Art at 1505 Warburton Avenue in Santa Clara, California.


Let Them Bake Cake


Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - detail of cake- Triton - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Cake anyone?

Oh la la! Loving this ensemble by Charlotte Kruk!
It’s on display at the Triton Museum of Art and it caught my eye on the way to the Statewide Painting Competition and Exhibition. Charlotte Kruk’s work has had serious influence over Halloween costume design in my household!  I’m just saying that someone looked delicious in a Skittles dress, and no, it wasn’t me.

Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - back - Triton - photo Marie Cameron 2013

I’m sure it was the fleur de lis on the Baker’s Flour that inspired this piece!

Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - front- Triton - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Front view.

Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - detail of head - Triton - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Yes, I do find the Mannequin a little creepy.

Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - detail of hat- Triton - photo Marie Cameron 2013

This outfit looks so much better on a live model!

Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - bodice - Triton - photo Marie Cameron 2013

How do you like where the evaporated milk is located?

Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - bow - Triton - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Butter bow!

Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - detail of skirt - Triton - photo Marie Cameron 2013

I have this very brand of sugar in my pantry right now – at least until my son discovers it, he is known to eat it out of the bag.

Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - detail vial of vanilla- Triton - photo Marie Cameron 2013

This clever vial of vanilla is another popular pantry plunder –  (it’s not drunk strait but mixed in crazy concoctions).

Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - detail of shoes Triton - photo Marie Cameron 2013

She’s got sugar on the soles of her shoes. Na na na nah na,  na na na nah na!

Charlotte Kruk - Let Me Bake Cake - Marie Cameron - Triton - photo Christine Campbell 2013

One is styled in the fashion of she who said “Let them eat cake”,  the other in the mold of one who did!

Reception at the Triton

Yes, it feels every bit as good as I thought it might to have a painting hanging in the Triton! It’s such well regarded museum with a beautiful exhibition space and to have Feathers hanging alongside the works of so many of my piers made me feel truly at home! Thanks to friends and family who came out to share this evening with me – you’re the best!

First place was awarded to two artists this year (I know both of them!) Cuong Nguyen (who also won the painting competition last time ’round and is so good they might just devote a wing to him) and Holly Van Hart (who just joined the Los Gatos Museums Gallery). They each get a solo show!

In fact, the Gallery was very well represented with nine member artists in the show. In addition to Holly and me, there was David Stonesifer (with two pieces), Donna Orme, Will Maller, Ed Lucey, Ellen Howard, Linda Smythe, and Joan Harvey.

Artists I know and love, Jaya King (two pieces), Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila, Teresa Ruzzo and Brigitte Curt were also included. So much really interesting work – I need to go back for a better look!

Triton Statewide - Gallery View - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Proud to be hanging on this wall as you enter with with Jaya King and Cuong Nguyen!

Triton Statewide - Marie Cameorn and Preston Metcalf - photo Ann Dubois 2013

Talking with Chief Curator Preston Metcalf about my project plans for 2014.

Triton Statewide - Cuong Nguyen- photo Marie Cameron 2013

Cuong with his first place winning Portrait of Paul as Leonardo.

Triton Statewide - Holly Van Hart - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Holly Van Hart in front of her painting Possibilities Abound.

Triton Statewide - Jaya King - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Jaya King with her moving paintings in the upper left and lower right (see below)

Triton Statewide - Jaya King's Little Silver Bullet From a Pretty Blue Gun- photo Marie Cameron 2013

Jaya’s Little Silver Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun.

Triton Statewide - Joan Harvey - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Joan Harvey with her painting Endless Summer.

Triton Statewide - Gallery View 3 - photo Marie Cameron

I met the artist, Vincent Liu who painted Kung Pao Chicken hanging in the upper left and chatted with Linda Smythe who painted Pretty in Pink.

Triton Statewide - The Boys - photo Ann Dubois 2013

With the boys.

Triton Statewide - My Crew - photo Ron Dell'Aquila 2013

With the girls

Triton Statewide - Galler Viewers 2 - photo Marie Cameron 2013


Triton Statewide - Pam Prentice and Marie Cameron - photo Daniel Margulies 2013

I first met Pam Prentice, a Bay Area blogger at one of my Open Studios.

Triton Statewide - Gallery View 2 - photo Marie Cameron 2013


Feathers (detail)  with feathers -  Marie Cameron 2013

Detail of  my painting Feathers with celebratory feathers.


I just got notification that Feathers was juried into the Triton Museum of Art’s 2013 Statewide Painting Competition & Exhibition! There were over a thousand entries and I’m thrilled to be included!

There will be a reception Friday, December 13 from 6-8 pm.

My heart is still fluttering!