Reception at the Triton

Yes, it feels every bit as good as I thought it might to have a painting hanging in the Triton! It’s such well regarded museum with a beautiful exhibition space and to have Feathers hanging alongside the works of so many of my piers made me feel truly at home! Thanks to friends and family who came out to share this evening with me – you’re the best!

First place was awarded to two artists this year (I know both of them!) Cuong Nguyen (who also won the painting competition last time ’round and is so good they might just devote a wing to him) and Holly Van Hart (who just joined the Los Gatos Museums Gallery). They each get a solo show!

In fact, the Gallery was very well represented with nine member artists in the show. In addition to Holly and me, there was David Stonesifer (with two pieces), Donna Orme, Will Maller, Ed Lucey, Ellen Howard, Linda Smythe, and Joan Harvey.

Artists I know and love, Jaya King (two pieces), Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila, Teresa Ruzzo and Brigitte Curt were also included. So much really interesting work – I need to go back for a better look!

Triton Statewide - Gallery View - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Proud to be hanging on this wall as you enter with with Jaya King and Cuong Nguyen!

Triton Statewide - Marie Cameorn and Preston Metcalf - photo Ann Dubois 2013

Talking with Chief Curator Preston Metcalf about my project plans for 2014.

Triton Statewide - Cuong Nguyen- photo Marie Cameron 2013

Cuong with his first place winning Portrait of Paul as Leonardo.

Triton Statewide - Holly Van Hart - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Holly Van Hart in front of her painting Possibilities Abound.

Triton Statewide - Jaya King - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Jaya King with her moving paintings in the upper left and lower right (see below)

Triton Statewide - Jaya King's Little Silver Bullet From a Pretty Blue Gun- photo Marie Cameron 2013

Jaya’s Little Silver Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun.

Triton Statewide - Joan Harvey - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Joan Harvey with her painting Endless Summer.

Triton Statewide - Gallery View 3 - photo Marie Cameron

I met the artist, Vincent Liu who painted Kung Pao Chicken hanging in the upper left and chatted with Linda Smythe who painted Pretty in Pink.

Triton Statewide - The Boys - photo Ann Dubois 2013

With the boys.

Triton Statewide - My Crew - photo Ron Dell'Aquila 2013

With the girls

Triton Statewide - Galler Viewers 2 - photo Marie Cameron 2013


Triton Statewide - Pam Prentice and Marie Cameron - photo Daniel Margulies 2013

I first met Pam Prentice, a Bay Area blogger at one of my Open Studios.

Triton Statewide - Gallery View 2 - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Just Ducky

Some days seem to have a theme going on – today it was ducks!

This morning I was working at the Los Gatos Museums Gallery as the Staffing Artist.

Todays Staffing Artist Marie Cameron 2013

It was first time since the new hanging that I’ve had the time to really pour over all the new work. I came across Linda Smythe’s ducks –  I so adore her painterly approach to her subject matter (often roses) nice and loose and buttery brush strokes! I  really enjoyed how she captured the boyant charm of the ducks with a minium of fuss and detail – No eyes but lots of great texture and those cheery orange beaksl

Linda Smythe's Duck Pond - oil at LGMG 2013

After my shift I wandered into Bunches, a fabulous little flower shop in Los Gatos. This place always puts me in a great mood and it’s not just the bouquets of magnicent blooms and the lovely people, but also because of Pete, this quacking cutie who can shake a tail feather with the best of them!

Pete at Bunches Marie Cameron 2013


Pete at Bunches Marie Cameron 2013


I had actually gone into the flower shop after my shift at the gallery to ask a gorgeous woman who works there if she would let me photograph her among the gargantuan dinner plate dahlias for a painting. It’s always an odd thing to ask of someone you don’t know, but at least I had a business card with my painting  of Blue Corse) on the front (a portrait of the woman who works in the knitting shop above the gallery just stone’s throw away). I guess I didn’t come across as a crazy person because she was game (she even wore the bright yellow gloves she had on for cleaning up after Pete) and I now have FANTASTIC reference photos for my next portrait in what I’m thinking might be my Shop Girl series.

Yellow Gloves and Dahlias - Bunches Marie Cameron 2013

“Girls” may not be accurate as I’m also eyeing the guy who works at the Whole Foods Fish counter with the great tatoos. I might hit up Icing on the Cake (cup cakes) and Frank (eclectic art, jewelry and garden salvage) too for more great models – really there’s no shortage of interesting, beautiful people who work in Los Gatos! I love when portraits have an environment which serves to inform the viewer about the person portrayed. Maybe I should paint Pete too!

Pete on One Foot - Bunches Marie Cameron 2013