Islamic Art at the Triton

The Triton‘s Islamic Art Lunchtime Lecture with Nabeela Sajjad and Lubna Achikzai was fascinating and heart warming. I love the outreach their non-profit, the Islamic Art Exhibit is doing – shedding light on the beauty of the Islamic culture at a time when there is so much ignorance and fear. They are also doing some interfaith art collaborations which are so important in our multicultural world!

Curator Preston Metcalf introducing Lubna Achikzai and Nabeela Sajjad from Islamic Art Exhibit.

Nabeela Sajjad
The Opening
Al-Fatiha 1: 1-7

This Kufic painting was so admired at the opening of the, What the Triton Means to Me exhibition,  (which was the setting for this lecture) that a patron purchased it that night and donated it to the Museums’s permanent collection!

Nabeela Sajjad and Lubna Achikzai co-founders of the Islamic Art Exhibit.

Artist Nabeela Sajjad.

Nabeela Sajjad describing her artistic process in this square Kufic painting,  Testimony of Faith, acrylic on canvas 2015.

Co-founder of the Islamic Art Exhibit, Lubna Achikzat.

Curator Preston Metcalf thanking Nabeela Sajjad and Lubna Achikzai from Islamic Art Exhibit for their presentation and their work in the community.

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