Coffee with the Curator

What a great way to start the day – Coffee with the Curator at the Triton Museum of Art!

Today Preston Metcalf spoke on how to improve your chances of getting into competitions and exhibitions and one tip really surprised me. The Triton offers the chance of a solo show in their annual Salon – a statewide competition and exhibition of 2D work. I had thought that since this was the prize you might increase your chances of winning by demonstrating with your entries that you could produce a cohesive solo show. I guess that’s putting the cart before the horse – you need to get in the show first before there’s any judging, so providing a deeper variety of work may open that door to getting in. It’s the opposite of an exhibition proposal where you do want to demonstrate that continuity.  Hmmm!

Deadline for the next Salon is sometime in February, 2016!

I was happy to see artists Yao-pi Hsu and Stephanie Lam there today – both solo show winners from last year!  Hsu’s photography exhibit, Life. Water is still up and Lam’s show is scheduled for 2016.

I was also happy to hang out with artist Fleur Spolidor, here we are in front of Robert Schlegel’s, Horse Standing and Equine, part of Menagerie 2: Selections from the Permanent Collection.

I just want to make a note that I was sporting my fabulous hand-painted BAMR bag by artist Demetris Washington, whose work I was first introduced to by the Triton’s 50 and Looking Forward exhibition earlier this year. I love the Triton!