Triton Salon 2017 – Artists & Art

The Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California held their huge reception on Sunday for their annual Salon, a statewide 2D art competition and exhibition (November 11, 2017 – February 04, 2018). Juried this year by Cherri Lakey and Brian Eder, co-owners of Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose, there was just too much exceptional work to cover in a single post so I thought I would just feature some of the artists that I managed to catch with their work and put together another post later on. Congratulations to everyone on being selected for this great show! I’ve tried to link artist’s websites to their name which you can click on if you are interested in seeing more of their work.

Gabriel Coke    Hannah and Scarlett in the Studio with Me    Oil on Linen ( Honorable Mention)

Lorraine Lawson    Orient Express     mixed media on canvas

Maura Carta   Sri    oil on wood

Dotti Cichon    Ancient Memories of Metamorphosis    copper leaf, patina on found fabric

Kaaren Marquez    Shuttered but Not Forgotten    watercolor

David Stonesifer    Saratoga Orchard    oil on canvas panel

Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila    Liberty Prometheus Inception   oil on canvas

Jenifer J. Renzel     Moon Gods    mixed media acrylic

Hadi Aghaee     The Lingering Somber Thoughts    oil, mixed media

Deepali Kapatkar    Story of the Warriors     pastel on paper

Avery Palmer    The Outing    oil on masonite

Diane Warner-Wang    English Breakfast    oil on canvas panel

Beichen Li     Outside Light    acrylic on canvas

Carol Ramos    Just Joey    watercolor on paper

Wildflower at the Triton’s Salon


I got a chance to take a quick peek at the Salon (between piano and ballet lessons) the work is fabulous as will be the reception for this statewide competition and exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art (guest juried by Charlotte Eyerman, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Monterey Museum of Art)! The exhibition runs April 16 – May 29, 2016. Reception this Friday 6-8 pm.

So delighted to be part of this with Wildflower!
Looking forward to hanging out with peers and friends! Come – you’re all invited!

Wildflower picked for the Triton Salon!

Wildflower - oil on canvas - 48x48 inches - Marie Cameron - 2015

Such good news today, I heard that my painting, Wildflower, was selected for the Salon at the Triton Museum statewide 2-D competition by guest juror, Charlotte Eyerman, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Monterey Museum of Art! The exhibit will run April 16 – May 29, with a fabulous reception on April 22 from 6-8 pm.

I’m so delighted, not only because it’s on honor to be juried into this competitive show, but because I’m particularly proud of this piece and I think the story behind it is incredibly moving.

This painting was inspired by a photograph that a Facebook friend of mine, Aušra Štarka, had taken a few years back. It was of her father, Antanas Štarka, in Lithuania wearing a wreath of wildflowers on his head. I was amazed that all these flowers were ones that I had grown up with in Nova Scotia and the beauty of the image of this handsome man with his prophetic gesture stayed with me.  When Aušra shared his passing, I expressed my condolences and also my wish to paint him one day and she told me the story behind the photo I could paraphrase it but she told it so eloquently,

“I am glad you like the portrait of my father with the wild flower wreath. The story is that I have dreamed of making that wreath of wildflowers from the fields of Lithuania for many years but when I would go back for a visit, I would get busy with other things and that idea would get delayed to the next year.. Year after year.. Or there would be no wildflowers.. So there it went. Until this summer. Because there were many wildflowers this year, on my last day before my flight back, I went near the river and gathered a bunch of wildflowers and created this wild looking wreath. My father was excited to be the first one to pose with it.. And that was the last thing I shared with my father.”

Aušra said that he was singing away, and that’s where his dramatic gesture comes from in the painting. I feel like he’s imparting something important to us, that father and daughter are both letting us know how important it is do what you love in life and to share it with the people you love. Thank you Aušra for so generously sharing all of this with me, with us!


Shards at the Salon

Triton Salon 2014

More than just another show, the Triton Statewide Competition and Exhibition (aka the Salon) is an annual highlight for me. Yes, it is a chance to win a coveted solo show at the Triton Musuem of Art (this year they are offering two) but just getting juried in is an official recognition that your work is taken seriously!

Shards at the Salon 2014

That’s why my heart gave a little flutter the first time I saw my piece, Shards – Point Alones, hanging in the exhibit.  It’s a large work too, at  64″ x 64″ it’s not a piece I can show just anywhere – but it makes for a great anchor piece for the expansive space of the Triton! Still, I can’t wait until the opening reception 6-8 pm this Friday when the the museum will be absolutely packed!

Shards at the Triton Salon 2014

For the story behind Shards – Point Alones check out these earlier posts of 3/31/14, 7/21/14 and my portfolio.

Marie Cameron - Shards - Triton -photo Jaya King 2014

Savoring the moment.

Shards Postcard