Shards at the Salon

Triton Salon 2014

More than just another show, the Triton Statewide Competition and Exhibition (aka the Salon) is an annual highlight for me. Yes, it is a chance to win a coveted solo show at the Triton Musuem of Art (this year they are offering two) but just getting juried in is an official recognition that your work is taken seriously!

Shards at the Salon 2014

That’s why my heart gave a little flutter the first time I saw my piece, Shards – Point Alones, hanging in the exhibit.  It’s a large work too, at  64″ x 64″ it’s not a piece I can show just anywhere – but it makes for a great anchor piece for the expansive space of the Triton! Still, I can’t wait until the opening reception 6-8 pm this Friday when the the museum will be absolutely packed!

Shards at the Triton Salon 2014

For the story behind Shards – Point Alones check out these earlier posts of 3/31/14, 7/21/14 and my portfolio.

Marie Cameron - Shards - Triton -photo Jaya King 2014

Savoring the moment.

Shards Postcard



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