In the Pink (WIP)

I love color soooo much that I rarely limit myself to just one! But there was a call for monochromatic work that got me thinking about what would I do if I had to just pick one color? I was fresh off the Women’s March, that sea of pink still swirling in my mind and I knew right away that I wanted to paint a still life of a pussyhat!  I have to say I’m tickled pink with the way it’s shaping up!

Here’s today’s progress:

Widow Among the Butterflies and Roses

I just want to preface this post by letting you know that my gorgeous model has been safely released into the woods far away and no one was in danger of being bitten or hurt during this process.

Having said that, I can now go on about how thrilling and captivating it was to shoot this elegant, deadly spider with my delicate antique china and petals from my favorite rose. The scent was intoxicating, the beauty engulfing and there’s nothing quite like the creepy crawl of a spider to keep you on your toes!

I love the wild and dangerous darkness of the spider along with all of her creative, powerful and cunning associations contrasted with the domestic refinement of delicate petals and porcelain – I could drink it in for days!

Widow and Butterflies 1 - Marie Cameron - 2015

Widow in a Teacup - Marie Cameron 2015

Widow Crawl - Marie Cameron 2015

Widow and Petals I - Marie Cameron 2015

Hourglass and Rose - Marie Cameron 2015

Widow Saucer - Marie Cameron 2015