Fade – Artist Talk

I was delighted to give an impromptu Artist Talk at Fade (my solo show at Vargas Gallery at Mission College) prompted by my friend artist Lorraine Lawson who kindly rounded up a great group which included people with backgrounds in galleries, marketing and art.  It is a special thing when artists come out to support other artists!

I loved sharing the stories behind these paintings, how I choose both medium and technique to help tell the tale and the symbolism I try to employ.

Telling the story behind Blooming Deadwood.

So nice to see artists Veronica Gross, Dotti Cichon, Lorraine Lawson and Linda Benenati! We are enjoying the suggestion that I get a scissor lift for my paintings like Hung Liu uses!

Sometimes you can better see what’s in your heart with your eyes closed.

Talking about employing chiaroscuro (light /dark) in both the lighting of the figure but also more figuratively in the lightness of the feathers and the darkness of the Bacchanal in the folding screen.

Talking about combining different experiences to create an image, the albino deer of Pine Mountain Lake, the dormant forest at Picchetti, a nest of branches at Kirkwood, the fawns that visit my backyard and the antler drops I have in my studio.

With gallerist Kumiko Iwasawa, Lorraine Lawson and designer Robin Sedgewick.

Kumiko Iwasawa in front of Blooming Deadwood – we spoke of exhibiting at her gorgeous gallery, Iwasawa Oriental Art, in the spring!

Whitney Modern is Open!

Welcome Whitney Modern, the newest contemporary fine art gallery in the Silicon Valley!  Situated on the second floor of the historic Tempelman Building  24 N. Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos California. In it’s beautifully renovated, light filled space, Whitney Modern is hosting the work of artists such as Gordon Smedt, Gustavo Ramos Rivera, Davis Burnett, Douglas Andelin, Brigitte McReynolds and Tim Cisneros. Here are a few pictures from their fabulous opening reception Thursday night.


Artist Gordon Smedt.

Vignette did the gorgeous floral arrangements for the reception.

Broad Shoulders,Gordon Smedt,  Oil on Canvas

Brigitte Reynolds

Doulas Andelin

Back Lit, Douglas Andelin, Oil on Paper.

Red Scarf, Douglas Andelin, Oil on Paper.

Artist Brigitte Reynolds and Gallerist Suzanne Whitney-Smedt.

Gustavo Ramos Rivera

Artist Gustavo Ramos Rivera.