Angels Among Us Pivot at the Art Party!

One on the very special moments from the Closing Bash of Anne & Mark’s Art Party last Saturday, was the Pivot: The Art of Fashion’s Runway show! A wildly creative and exuberantly exciting evening full of exciting local designers! I adored Angels Among Us – a collaboration between designers Ruby Roxanne and Sudnya Shrof who produced an ethereal collection employing flowers, feathers, butterflies and branches, splatters of paint, a little sparkle, a little leather an what appears to be organza and silk. The effect was so divine and just the right amount of sinister!


My runway shots were far away and off to the side but I came across the models in the Main Gallery afterwards for some close-ups! In this first bunch, I love how the photographer’s clothes co-ordinate with the painting  (which I believe is also by Sudnya Shrof (and eventually subsume the model).

I LOVE how the branches and arms form a perfect heart!

These images are so gorgeous! I wonder if the designers would let me paint them one day… if I really, really begged?

I just heard from Ruby Roxanne, and she let me know the following….

“I designed the wearable art and Sudnya painted the entire collection. We collaborated on our designs and their meaning. Our Angels are standing in front of one of her paintings. “Among Us” was about Angels who surround us everyday. Little Angels, Twin Angels, Gorgeous Angels and Warrior Angels.”

Sigh…how beautiful is THAT?


  1. Kathleen Normington says:

    This is gorgeously theatrical. I’ve been teaching Tony Kushner’s play Angels in America and these really, really struck me. What gorgeous, disturbing visions. So bummed I missed this.

  2. mariecameron says:

    I thought you’d like it Kathleen! The runway presentation was super theatrical as well! If there’s a video of it somewhere I’ll post a link to it…and make sure you come next year!

  3. Rose Sellery says:

    Thank you for the wonderful write up Marie. Angels Among Us was poignantly, beautiful and such a delight. I’m so glad you were there for the Art Party closing with Pivot: The Art of Fashion!

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