Art of Dress

Marie Cameron Art of Dress 2012

Keeping it Realism Dress by White Verve & my antique floral frames. Photo by Marie Cameron

Do all artists dress in black?

Well yes, a lot do. It’s kind of a minimal thing, a simple uniform: focus on the lines, form and certainly the work.  And while I do love black,  I’m not cut of that cloth.

For me it’s quite natural that the same impulses that drive me to create art would influence how I live my life in all the big and little details, including what I chose to wear. Frida Kahlo is a wonderful example of an artist whose life and work are seamless.  With her traditional Tehuanan dress and braided floral updo and ethnic jewelry, she was the living embodiment of her paintings.  While I’m not wearing a monkey or parrot on my shoulder, I still delight in my floral and sea inspired outfits and the vintage talismans I wear for jewelry. It keeps me connected to my source of inspiration.


  1. susan black says:

    you my dear ARE colour … you are pink & orange & coral & red much love S & les gang

    I’m thrilled with your blog & site, it’s like you once again live nearby xo

  2. You surely do step in & out of your paintings w/ease & grace. You mirror your work w/style, shape, color, form, accessories. You are your ART, living/breathing in so many ways. Such a true way to affirm all you create/render….without exception….especially in the floral & sea & landscape themes, so beautifully.

  3. Love the blog peeps into your work, your inspiration, the life of the artist. Lovely how your way of being reflects your connection to what inspires you. The dress looks like it could have fallen, one night, right out of one of your paintings, these bits of landscape and flowers, textures, and folds, that stepped out of a painting and found a different form. So lovely, like you. Love the empty frames.

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