Bachelor’s Buttons Blues

My Bachelor’s Buttons have just come into bloom – and I’m too impatient to wait for a whole bouquet – so I snipped the ones that were available and popped them into this vintage Japanese teacup, pulling a dress from my closet to use as a backdrop.

Bacherlors Buttons Blues Tea Reference

Bachelor’s buttons are also known as cornflowers but the Victorian meanings for each are very different. Bachelor’s Buttons indicate single blessedness and celibacy while the cornflower suggests refinement and delicacy. I wonder which symbolism to explore?

Bacherlors Buttons Blues Tea Reference

I do know that I’d like to pair this teacup with the Scrub Jay which is that same lovely shade of blue- nothing refined or delicate about this bird though they are tough raucus and smart!

Scrub Jay on Green

Here are a few shots of the jay I took near my house.

Scrub Jay on Green

Check out that sashay on this bird as it stakes out it’s feeding grounds!

Scrub Jay on Gray

And that rakish profile!

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