Barnacle Branches

When do barnacles grow on trees?

The unexpected can be shocking and unsettling, thought provoking and curious, terrifyingly abhorrent and breathtakingly exquisite. It is unusual if nothing else and this stimulates the mind.

It is where art dwells.


  1. Ai says:

    Oh my oh my!
    this is beautiful …. as what else would we expect anyway….dear one….your paintings are spacious and inviting….luscious to savor in one well lit gallery called website….please be so excited and jumping up and down for its fruition….because it is ‘tickling’ and delighting all the rest of us; peeking, gazing, staring, in awe….love to you! ai

  2. Art of some kind, naturally dwells in all of us. Some are fortunate to have it as an amazingly abundant gift with the ability to see it deeply in all they view & experience…..others are still additionally gifted with a lifetime of living & thriving, immersed in their Art…as are you, our Marie, BE

  3. mariecameron says:

    It’s lovely to open this window to the ideas that are floating about my studio and let them out to play in the wider world!

  4. I love the mind-visual image of opening a window to ideas.

    Ideas floating about your studio conjures up a misty dream-like sequence of inter-related & separate images that wax & wane about.

    IDEAS let out to play in the wider world. What a light airy way to say something as key to us all as ART in our everyday lives, that it is “playing” about us, delighting us, thrilling us, giving joy, as to a child playing.

    The wider world is fortunate that you have funneled much art to & for them.
    Love your word-smithing & idea- conjuring here.

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