Between the Rains

Nothing like a good walk to clear your mind and give you a fresh perspective …especially after some much needed rain.

Between the Rains…sun on the road 2014

I love how the parched world feels whole again, even though that’s far from being true.

Between the Rains…Green Trunks 2014

All the colors are a little richer, even in the subdued light. Moss and lichen sping back to life.

Between the Rains…Stream 2014             Between the Rains…Landscape 2014            Between the Rains…Sand Bags 2014

I was puzzled by a murmuring sound which turned out to be the stream running through the ravine … it’s been too long.

Between the Rains…Mushroom 2014

Mushrooms are popping up all over the place!  They were just waiting for the right, wet invitation.

Between the Rains…Varied Thrush 2014

I found more of these reclusive varied thrush on my country walk, I won’t forget to visit them soon when I can use some reclusive time of my own.


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