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Ai Weiwei chose the clinic of Alcatraz as the setting for the site-specific installation Blossom. In this piece he filled the original porcelain fixtures, the bathtubs, sinks and toilets with masses of porcelain flowers. Looking like frothy bubbles from a distance, a closer inspection reveals this hopeful flowering.  It’s a stunning, subtle work, such a contrast between the dirty and sickly connotations of the clinic’s bathrooms and the flourishing purity of the flowers,  I find it profound that the same material, porcelain could convey both of these extremes.

Clinic -Alcatraz              Clinic at Alcatraz            Bath Tub - Clinic - Alcatraz


 Bath Cell - Alcatraz            Ai Wei Wei - Blossom - Alcatraz          Ai Wei Wei - Blossom - Alcatraz


Ai Wei Wei - Blossom - Alcatraz


Ai Wei Wei - Blossom - Alcatraz


Ai Wei Wei - Blossom Bath - Alcatraz


Ai Wei Wei - Blossom - Alcatraz


Blossom (detail)

  1. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    Yes, contrast in the extreme. Amazing the number of porcelain flowers. Large groups of similar items draws attention to the “statement”,
    very accurately.

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