Collecting Jaya King

My husband finally had his music room soundproofed – it looks great but pretty bare and when he asked me if I had any artists on my shortlist I didn’t hesitate – Jaya King!

I’ve been following her work for a while now and I’m in love with her spontaneity and spirit of her work. She has an amazing sense of her materials (what ever they are) and brings out the magic in them – her inks are wild and bold, her gouaches are moody and poetic, her collages are portals, her whimsy work is playful and delightful (I have one of her birthday party goats), and her encaustic pieces are layered and exquisite.

Jaya King’s  gouache print, Memphis Shadows (waiting on it’s frame…)

Jaya King’s  gouache on board Out of Tune.

My husband’s request was perfectly timed, we were able to scoop up several musically themed gouache pieces which will no longer be available as Jaya is focusing all her talent on her current encaustic work like these stunning large scale crow pieces like this one promoting the Crow Show which you can still catch if you hurry….

We couldn’t be happier! Nothing like investing in the career of a fantastic artist so she can do more great work and we get to enjoy the art up close and personal every day!

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