Color High

I was quite taken with this riot of retro color going on at Three Sisters in Willow Glen! All this glittery, dazzling, saturated, kitsch was set up in an alcove the size of a phone booth. I felt like I’d entered the land of Dr. Seuss!

Marie Cameron with Orange Antlered Deer

While not particularly a fan of orange, I fell in love with this little deer with her vintage coral beads and crazy orange antlers (oh, I guess she’s a he and I had wanted to call her Cora)! I thinks it’s the unexpected surprises that makes it all so fun.

Color on Crack Ornaments - Three Sisters 2013

The tree is all about complementary colors, contrasting textures, static shapes and sprays of movement. It’s vibrant and happy, I think I need a cocktail!

Pink Felix - Three Sisters 2013

My eyes are still darting back and forth (like the pink Felix the cat clock). So much stimulation, it will be interesting to try and break down these elements that I find so compelling and playful here and try to draw creative inspiration from them!

  1. Betty Cameron says:

    Definitely stimulation overload. The artists eye for color, shape, form, dimension is so much a part of their every moment. This keen “sense” can easily run riot when confronted with over-the-top panoply. Indeed, as you say: COLOR HIGH. It’s an exuberant, thrilling part of the artist’s everyday. The “high”, though, once stimulated, you may agree, is sometimes difficult to “come down” from, but if this leads to a new look & as you say, creative inspiration drawn, then, it’s all good.

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