Daffodil Bed and Velvet Swatches

Careful what you haul into your studio – you just might end up making art out of it!

My kids had just outgrown their antique twin beds. Well, truth be told, one just broke and the the other was already damaged when I bought it all those years ago. I’d fallen in love with the pair and had planned on painting them out and reupholstering them but there was always something more pressing (or more engaging) on my list… so the kids made do. When the beds finally gave out, the only one who was nostalgic about getting rid of them was me. I took pictures and was planning on selling them (to someone who wasn’t a full time artist).

Dafodil Bed- ready for flowers - Marie Cameron 2016

I stashed them in my studio as a quick fix while the new beds were set up. And then it dawned on me – weren’t those were daffodils carved into the woodwork?! Isn’t one of my primary interests the secret language of flowers?! Hadn’t I planned on one day doing a whole series of Floral Beds to compliment my Florilegia series?!

Daffodil Bed Detail - Marie Cameron 2016

Remember Me was the first (and only) manifestation in this Floral Bed agenda in which live flowers fill a bed to evoke the meaning of the particular flower.

Remember Me - Marie Cameron 2013


I love the effective  simplicity of the wicker casket and the forget-me-nots combination in conveying the title message, “remember me”.

I have to decide whether I want to keep the paired down aesthetic of Remember Me or if I should rework the head board, using traditional techniques inspired by antique crazy quilts.

Daffodill Bed and Swatches - Marie Cameron 2016

To that end, I scored this mound of sumptuous velvet swatches in cotton, silk and mohair, all free from Fabmo (a creative reuse resource for designer ends).

Daffodil Bed Swatches - Marie Cameron 2016

The sky’s the limit but that’s no help as the daffodils will be blooming in no time!

Daffy Zig-Zag - Marie Cameron 2015


  1. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    Well,…. get sewing, would diff. rick-racks or laces, trims, sewn into the seams, showing 1/2 of their profile, help with a mock crazy Q, theme for the head-board. just so it could be completed by the daffodil bloom time that you say is soon.

  2. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    Great project, will be please to see the artistic result.

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