Feathers has left the studio!

Me with feathers and Feathers Marie Cameron 2013


Sometimes there are milestones along the way that you just need to celebrate, that’s how I feel about Feathers hanging in the Triton!

If you would like to celebrate with me come to the opening reception for the Triton’s 2013 Statewide Painting Competition and Exhibition is this Friday, December 13th from 6-8 pm, 1505 Warburton Ave, Santa Clara, California!

There will be lots of great work and one lucky artist will win a coveted solo show at the Triton Museum of Art!


These are the feathers I studied for the painting, here I’m tossing them like confetti into the air. I’m just that happy!

Me with Feathers in the Studio Marie Cameron 2013

Taking Feathers out of my now messy studio. Am I kidding anyone? It was messy before as well!

Marie Cameron and Feathers exiting studio 2013

Each time one of my babies goes out the door I feel like an empty nester!

Feathers under the Arbour - Marie Cameron 2013

My “large” painting looks so small outside my studio, it’s such a matter of prospective, how will it fair in the museum?

Feathers Arriving at the Triton - Marie Cameron 2013

Unloading Feathers at the Triton – God, I love it when a painting actually fits into my Prius!

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