Felling of the Oak


So……this was happening above my studio today… nothing much was happening within it.

I knew this chainsaw vs oak day was coming after the crown of this massive oak toppled recently.  Even though the arborist said it was best to take it all the way down, that it would never be a healthy tree again, I was still sorry to see it go. The sadness was mixed with fear and fascination as I watched this modern day lumberjack scale the precarious tree limbs with his chainsaw, cinches, pulleys and ropes and take this centurion down – a death by a thousand cuts.

The three major limbs were shaved off today for firewood – the trunk comes down tomorrow.


You might wonder why this has a place on my art blog…I think art comes from being aware of your surroundings, being curious, being observant, being in touch with your feelings and honoring the moment.


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