in- + spirare

Inspire comes from the Latin:  in- + spirare – to breathe.

So I breathe. I take deep lungfuls of clean forrest air, fragrant with bay laurel and dry brush. I am quiet so I can hear bird feathers beating against the breeze. I am still to gaze at the deer who freeze and gaze back at me before bounding away. I look for the lizards fleeing from my shadow. I take in every hue and texture and form of the dormant thickets that lace the woods. I take sensory notes and digital photographs. All of this will inhabit my paintings one day, some of it already has.

Picchetti Clouds - photo Marie Cameron 2014

Clear blue sky and raking clouds.

Picchetti Birds in the Persimmons - photo Marie Cameron 2014

Birds feasting in the persimmon tree.

Picchetti Pear trees- photo Marie Cameron 2014

Old pear orchard flaming red and gold.

Picchetti bounder - photo Marie Cameron 2014

Deer bounding through the silvered grasses.

Picchetti Dormant Forrest - photo Marie Cameron 2014

Dormant forrest rich with texture and subtle color.

Picchetti - Blue and Emerald Dormant Forrest- photo Marie Cameron 2014

Here in emerald and blue…

Picchetti - Green curtain over Lavander- photo Marie Cameron 2014

Here in a green cascade over lavender…

Picchetti - Gray Tangle Dormant Forrest- photo Marie Cameron 2014

Here in a gray tangle…

Picchetti - Golden Tunnel Dormant Forrest- photo Marie Cameron 2014

Here in a tunnel that leads to golden sunlight…

Picchetti - Desiccated Leaf - photo Marie Cameron 2014        Picchetti - Seeds Taking Wing - photo Marie Cameron 2014        Picchetti - Poison Oak - photo Marie Cameron 2014       Picchetti  Dried Thistle - photo Marie Cameron 2014

And here in the details of a desiccated leaf, seeds about to fly and the warning of poison oak and a dried thistle.

Picchetti me in a tree - photo OP 2014

Live oak lounger.

Picchetti Walker - photo Marie Cameron 2014

Walking through light and shadow.

Picchetti Clouds - wet leaves Marie Cameron 2014

Soft and hairy leaves still clinging to water droplets.

Picchetti deer in the green forrest - photo Marie Cameron 2014

Quiet visit.

  1. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    We can tell by your keen observations & your precise & poetic, well versed very descriptive word choices that your are, and will continue to be truly inspired. Nice.

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