Inner Wonder Woman

Vintage Shell Lady Secret Wonder Woman Wannabe photo Marie Cameorn 2012

Vintage shell lady is a secret Wonder Woman wannabe! Photo Marie Cameron 2012.

I guess I have a thing for Wonder Woman too.  I had taken a photograph of this street art image of her in San Francisco in the late 90s and had cropped it down to the minimal essentials of the portrait, the eyes and the crown – stopping  just before it would have crossed over to abstraction. It’s a tiny image in a small frame and I think it has some of the same qualities of a reliquary, something you might meditate on to remind you of a higher power. In the face of all I need to do in a day (today it was crawling about the roof cleaning out the rain gutters before the storm and getting off an international painting shipment) I feel the need to tap into my inner Wonder Woman. I’ll take a pass on the metal bra but I sure could use the magic lasso and, what to you know, I’m already wearing the red boots!

Wonder Woman Cropped Street Art -  photo MarieCameron 2012

Wonder Woman street art as religious reliquary. Photo Marie Cameron 2012.


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