Los Gatos Museums Gallery Holiday

Last night’s Holiday Reception at the Los Gatos Museum’s Gallery was super fun with great eats, good bubbly, lovely people and lots and lots of art! Here’s a series of shots from the event taken by either me or my friend, artist Isaias Sandoval-Streufert who sweetly took over camera duty so I could socialize for a while! I just realized there are no pictures of him – the curse of the photographer! Click on any highlighted artist’s name for a link to their website.

Artist Santa Keven Kasik welcoming gallery visitors - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Artist Kevin Kasik invited guests into the gallery on a seasonally chilly night.

LGMG HR Memeber Artists - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Gallery artists Sam Pearson, Nancy deWeess, David Stonesifer, Tom Yacoe and Danielle Dufayet milling about before the crowds.

LGMG HR Marie Cameron in front of her painting with sulptor Jeff Owen and his wife chemist Terri - phonot Isaias Sandoval-Streufert 2013

Me standing in front of my oil painting Lily of the Valley with Cows talking with sculptor Jeff Owen and his wife, chemist Terri.

LGMG HR Lance Glasser's sculpture - photo Isaias Sandoval-Streufert 2013

Lance Glasser‘s sculpture scaling his plexiglass wall.

LGMG HR Painter Ed Lucy - photo Isaias Sandoval-Streufert 2013

Painter Ed Lucy.

LGMG HR Art - photo Isaias Sandoval-Streufert 2013

Love oil painter Diana Leone‘s sunflowers on this wall!

LGMG HR Artist Veronica Gross and her watercolor in the upper right - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Watercolor painter Veronica Gross making sure the hors d’oevres are OK. You can see her lovely floral in the top right corner.

LGMG HR Artists and Guests chowing down and mingling - photo Marie Cameron 2013

I guess someone needed a closer look at Luke Stamos’s painting.

LGMG HRLance Glasser's- Al Dente  bronze - phonot Isaias Sandoval-Streufert 2013                    LGMG HR Painter Luke Stamos with collectors David and Carol Ann- photo Marie Cameron 2013         LGMG HR Fabienne Bismouth's sculpture having enjoyed an Hor d'oervres and a glass of champagne - photo Isaias Sandoval-Streufert 2013

Here’s oil painter Luke Stamos talking with collectors David and Carol Ann sandwiched between a sculpture by Lance Glasser (on the left) and one by Fabienne Bismouth (on the right)  who also appear to be enjoying the reception.

LGMG HR Artists and Guests under a Jeanne Tillman Leaf - photo Isaias Sandoval-Streufert 2013

I can spot painter Rebecca White and painter Betty McGuire beneath Jeanne Tillman’s leaf.

LGMG HR Artists Deborah Gabris and Chris Dok - photo Isaias Sandoval-Streufert 2013

Sculptor Deborah Gabris and Painter Chris Dok talking, that’s Deborah’s Bull!

LGMG HR Painter Carolyn Larsen and artist friends - photo Marie Cameron 2013

Painter Carolyn Larsen with two of her artist friends who dropped by the reception.

LGMG HR Opal Morning, Opal Hair 2- photo Marie Cameron 2013            LGMG HR Opal Morning by Danielle Dufayet and opalescent guest - photo Marie Cameron 2013            LGMG HR Opal Skies, Opal Hair - photo Marie Cameron 2013

I love it when magic like this happens, this guest’s beautiful hair just happened to match Danielle Dufayet’s acrylic painting, Opal Morning. I couldn’t resist snapping away and she was very kind to indulge me!

LGMG HR Carol Rafferty's painting and Jeff Owen's sculpture - photo Isaias Sandoval-Streufert 2013

Happy to say that oil painter Carol Rafferty is back from her travels in Europe, her painting, Western Addition San Fransico is on the left with Jeff Owen’s sculpture on the right.

I must admit, there was so much socializing that I didn’t get a good chance really enjoy all the work – I do look forward to going back and giving everything a closer look – I hope you’ll make it in, the next exchange won’t be until the end of January or February.

  1. Betty Cameron says:

    Kudos for talent abounding. ” ‘Tis the Season” to hang small Art Treasures upon the tree, there A LGMG, for all to see, enjoy, perhaps own, as well as the many, many excellent ART FORMS available to choose from. Photos presented here are a visit there for those absent & a re-visit for those present. THANKS Marie & Isaias. CHEERS !

  2. Thank you for the invitation to a fabulous party. Like you, I must go back to enjoy the art work with no rush. Glad you like the pictures.

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