Moss Landing Kayaking

91 degrees at Moss Landing last Wednesday and the lady bugs and kayakers were out in force!  FYI, we kept a respectful distance from all wildlife except the lady bugs which flew onto our clothes and hair and sunglasses!

A flock of Brant Geese.

Harbour Seal (as seen from the deck where we had lunch).


Gull and otter and Highway 1.

Sand Piper


This red Volkswagon van reminded me of the lady bugs.


  1. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    Wonderful fresh, vibrant, sunshiny marine, land-sea, floral, van, ladybug & ladybug visitation photos. Enjoyed this visit with you & C.

  2. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    The red VW van frontal photo is such an eye-explosion of RED, echoed in the floral brush & faded sidewalk curb. DETAILS. nice.

    Also the many echoed angles of: the yellow cement retaining wall, the wind reflection ripples on the water, the stone wall moss & sea-stained, the cone-shaped building turret tops, ALL the angles that make for a PERFECT photograph. Well done, as is your usual. Noted & noticed.

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