Open Door

Open a door and nature will follow.

Buck under Arbor- Marie Cameron - 2013

My studio overlooks a beautiful ravine and while I love living close to nature I also love my roses so I have a jasmine covered fence which keeps the “wilderness” both in view and at bay. This way I can watch the deer take afternoon naps as I work or I can watch them romping past in the evening.  Occasionally I’m careless and I leave the gate open or I underestimate the persistence of wildlife and I get a visit that’s close up and personal. I only regret these visits if I don’t have my camera in hand!

Buck with Ball - Marie Cameron - 2013

This visitor was a Columbian black-tailed deer, as opposed to the California mule deer which are also native to our area. He came with a doe but she was much more camera shy.

Backyard Buck - Marie Cameron - 2013

This young buck is so lovely,  You can see the blue reflection of the sky and the green of the leaves in his antlers, a detail I wouldn’t have imagined without this close observation.

Buck's Ears - Marie Cameron 2013

Likewise, I could not have imagined his  illuminated whiskers and backlit, translucent pink ears with their delicate red veins. All really superb reference material for paintings!

I must remember to keep the door wide open more often!

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