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Remember Me, my casket full of forget-me-nots, is designed to exist both as part of a gallery installation to compliment my Florilegia series and in composed landscape photographs. I adore how thoroughly Victorian this piece is while still seeming somehow contemporary. I think the secret lies in the simplicity of the idea and its presentation.

Casket of Forget-me-nots - Marie Cameron Talking 2013

These flowers bloom in the spring for about a month or two which is a small window for exhibition. Anyone know if you can force forget-me-nots to bloom from seed in greenhouse conditions anytime of the year?

Casket of Froget-me-nots gallery side view - Marie Cameron 2013

Open Casket - Marie Cameron 2013

Casket of Forget-me-nots End View Marie Cameron 2013
Forget-me-not Medallion- Marie Cameron 2013Casket of Forget-me-nots Over View Marie Cameron 2013Forget-me-not Casket Tilted Studio Marie Cameron 2013
Open Casket - Forget Me Nots, Marie Cameron 2013

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