Plein Air in Capitola

Finally painting with the LGAA Plein Air Painters and I couldn’t have picked a better day in cute as a button Capitola with it’s easter egg assortment of tiny beach condos from the 1920s. I’ve been wanting to paint these for years! Such a great group of talented painters – I look forward to getting out with them regularly!

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola - Venetian Court - Marie Cameron 2016

Sam Pearson on the far side of the river.

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola - Marie Cameron 2016

That’s me under those shades and cap – a wonder that anyone recognized me!

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola on the Rocks photo - Marie Cameron 2016

I chose to work with this view of the Venetian Court and river cropped by this diagonal of rocks.

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola on the Rocks  (WIP) - Marie Cameron 2016

If you’re thinking, wow that easel looks brand new…then you’d be right. It collapses down to a portable little wooden briefcase – I love it!

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola Pier - Marie Cameron 2016

Seems like a lot of gulls (a pretty good reflection going on there)!

LGAA Plein Air - Nancy Takaichi - Marie Cameron 2016

Nancy Takaichi.

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola -  Al Shamble painting - Marie Cameron 2016

Al Shamble.

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola -  Gull and Venetian - Marie Cameron 2016

Color just feels like a party!

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola -  Kathy Carlquist and Rick Guidice - Marie Cameron 2016

Kathy Carlquist and Rick Guidice.

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola - Gull at Ocean's Edge - Marie Cameron 2016

View south to Moss Landing.

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola -  Tabitha Boone Jacobson - Marie Cameron 2016

Tabitha Boone Jacobson.

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola - River Meets the Ocean  - Marie Cameron 2016

Where the river meets the ocean.

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola -  Laurie Barna- Marie Cameron 2016

Laurie Barna.

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola -  Lunch at Gayle's Bakery - Marie Cameron 2016

LGAA Pleain Air Painters lunching at Gayle’s Bakery where Al Shamble and Herschel Abelman had their Capitola En Plein Air 2015 paintings on exhibit. I think there were 15 of us painting today some had to leave earlier or wanted to stay longer.

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola -  Gayle's Bakery - Al Shamble and his painting for Capitola En Plein Air 2015 (2nd place!) - Marie Cameron 2016

Al Shamble had Taken 2nd place at this event for this lovely painting!

LGAA Plein Air - Capitola -  Gayle's Bakery - Capitola En Plein Air 2015 - Marie Cameron 2016

Herschel Ableman’s beautiful painting is on the left.

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