Reception in the Council Chambers

I was pretty impressed with the turnout we had for the Los Gatos Art Association in the Council Chambers reception. Yes we missed the mayor, Steve Leonardis who had been scheduled to come but Christina Gilmore opened the reception on behalf of the town. Our President Maralyn Miller spoke on behalf of the LGAA and we were all delighted to have jurors Neal Boor and Patricia Sherwood in attendance as well! Here are a few shots of the event before my camera ran out of battery.

LGAA AICC Neal Boor, Marie Cameron, Patricia Sherwood 2014

Best seat in the house nestled in between our great jurors, Neal Boor and Patricia Sherwood!

LGAA AICC turnout 2014

Love a venue with comfy seating!

LGAA AICC 2014 Christina Gilmore

Christina Gilmore, Assistant to the Town Manager, opened the reception on behalf of the Town and Mayor Steven Leonardis.

LGAA AICC Tom Yacoe, Veronica Gross 2014

LGAA Artist Veronica Gross and her husband talking with Tom Yacoe who was there on behalf of the Art in the Council Chambers.

LGAA AICC 2014 Maralyn Miller, Neal Boor, Patricia Sherwood

Our President, Maralyn Miller chatting with Jurors Neal Boor and Patricia Sherwood.

LGAA AICC  2014  artists


LGAA AICC Shark Fin Cove 2014

Posing a moment with my oil painting, Shark Fin Cove.

LGAA AICC 2014 reception

Cookies and Fruit were lovely though I kind of missed the sweet and sour meatballs from the LGMG in the Council Chambers reception last fall!

Rebecca Lillis White Palo Alto Wetlands and Thuy Le

Rebecca Lillis white with her oil, Palo Alto Wetlands and Thuy Le.

Thuy Le and her oil City Night with Rebecca Lillis White

Thuy Le and her oil, City Night with Rebecca Lillis White.

LGAA AICC  2014  Laurie Barna - When She was Seventeen

Laurie Barna with her watercolor, When She was Seventeen, and her reference photo from 1942.






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