Think of Me

From the French “pensées” or thoughts, these wild pansies, also known as heartsease and violas, mean think of me. This vintage paperweight will find its way into my Florilegia where I explore the Victorian meaning of  these flowers in a visual way.

Marie Cameron Heartsease Dome 2012

Heartsease caught in resin


  1. I’m thinking of you….
    & now you’re thinking of me, too.
    Pansies are among my very favorite flowers, their perky little one-eyed faces seem to be looking right @ us. And in the “thinking of me/you” vein, may be imagined to say:
    “I’m seeing you……
    & now your seeing me, too.
    A delicate special little bloom, what Victorian lady or gent wouldn’t love to receive the much sought after human need of being thought of through the clandestine message of a bouquet of violas. I wonder if the size of the bouquet would stress greater meaning than a single bloom?? Thus the conundrum: Less is More OR More is Less……
    Thoughts of you, Mom

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