Time for Kitsch

Lately I’ve been intrigued by objects preserved in resin or lucite especially flowers (with an eye to my florilegia) but shells are lovely too as they seem suspended in water. The odd paper weight can be really exquisite but most objects in this genre tend to be a little tacky and I find that quite fun. This piece, however, is over the top campola! The mold must have been taken from some faux baroque mantle clock. It’s a tour de force in taking really beautiful material and turning into something so fascinatingly ugly! It’s a statement piece all right but I’m still pondering what it’s trying to say.

Marie Cameron Studio Shell Fragment Clock 2012

Vintage German clock with shell fragments cast in resin.

  1. It could be a mayhem of marvelous pink & iridescent fragments too pretty in & of themselves to discard. Perhaps GAUDY was the aim after all. It may be irresistible to Victoriana collectors who, I must say, tend to over decorate. Truly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. Further, it may just be saying, “I like me just the way I am”, tastelessly showy.—-Unconditional Kitsch.

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