Going Dark

Studio - gathering clouds - Marie Cameron 2018 web sm

Going dark on the social media front for a while as Facebook sorts out its operation and its commitment to its users. I’ll miss it as well as Instagram as they are both such great vehicles for staying in touch with and expanding your artistic community. Sigh! But I will have even more time to continue to dive deeper into my work and post more in my own blog where …

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Small Business, Big Applause

Art Docents Commendation sm

The Art Docents of Los Gatos were honored with a Commendation from Mayor Rob Rennie   at last nights’ Town Council meeting! So honored to be on the the Board of Directors of this dynamic group of volunteers that bring art to the classrooms of Los Gatos!

Blooming Deadwood at Iwasawa Oriental Art

Iwasawa Install Marie Cameron and Kumiko Iwasawa Vadas - photo by Lorraine Lawson - 2018 sm

I am very honored to be exhibiting Blooming Deadwood at Kumiko Iwasawa Vadas’ gorgeous gallery, Iwasawa Oriental Art in downtown Los Gatos where Every objet d’art is carefully selected for not only it’s craftsmanship but how it artfully reflects the season and relates to its neighbor! Thanks to Lorraine Lawson, David and Kumiko for your help with the install! Unveiling. Measuring. Placement. Hanging. Leveling. Happy artist and gallerist. You can …

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