I was mesmerized when the television transmission I had been watching broke up into colorful pixelations of abstract patterns before my eyes. Not only was it more beautiful and engaging than the program I had been watching but I was also fascinated by how the human mind likes imagine recognizable forms in the chaos. I quickly took a number of photographs, appreciating the transcendence of this moment of technological breakdown.

Shimmering Water - Interference Marie Cameron Photography 18x36 2014

Shimmering Water – Interference    photography on metal    2014

Blue Pool - Interference Marie Cameron 18 x 36 in Photography 2014

Blue Pool – Interference   photography on metal    2014

Lavender Lake - Interference, 18x36in Photography Marie Cameron 2014

Lavender Lake – Interference   photography on metal    2014

This was all such a departure from my typical work (painting as well as photography) that I really considered these snaps just a beautiful curiosity, but when the Pacific Art League put out a call for their exhibition, Science, Technology and the Future of Art, I began to consider these images more seriously.  I entered three of them and juror Gail Wight (Associate Professor of Art at Stanford University) selected them all!

It goes to show what can happen when you keep an open mind and are brave enough to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Will this change the course of my work? I doubt it, the work I do is built on a lifetime of channeled obsessions and honed techniques, but opening up to new ways of working can only help to enrich the expressive capacity of art making – more tools in that toolbox!