Leapin’ Lizards

Saved a California Alligator Lizard from a hungry crow yesterday only to subject it to a photo shoot before releasing it back into the wilds of Silicon Valley.

California Alligator Lizard


Californnia Alligator Lizard contraposto


California Alligator Lizard - circuit board


California  Alligator Lizard  - the look

So much fun my son and I decided to do it again with one of the many Blue Bellies (aka Northern Fence Lizard) that patrol our gardens.

Blue Belly on a circuit board


Blue Belly Circuit Board


Blue Belly standing with stick


Blue Belly Lizard


Blue belly in hand

What’s with the circuit boards? I have them lying around my studio ready to be incorporated into some assemblage work and thought they would make an interesting contrast (wild vs ordered).