Kristin Lindseth – Metaphysical / Metaphorical

There is a moving exhibition of Kristen Lindseth’s masterful bronzes on currently at the Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame. More than portraits, these sensitively rendered busts and masks explore states of mind, histories that make us who we are, and the personal process of transformation. Make some time to spend in the quietly revealing company of these sculptures!

Metaphysical / Metamorical

Labyrinth of Time

Labyrinth of Time (rear view)


Spirit Mountain

Union of Opposites

              Time (side views)










Soar (side view)


Transformation                                               Inner Alchemy                                               Transformed


The exhibition, Metaphysical / Metaphorical, continues on through to August 7, 2016, with an Artist Talk, Sunday, July 10 at  2:pm .