Charlotte Kruk – Open Studio


I finally got to meet Charlotte Kruk, at her open studio last weekend! I first saw her work through Image magazine (the M&M Toreador and Flamenco Dancer couture) and then I saw Let Them Bake Cake (the Marie Antoinette inspired convection made of sugar and flour bags and all the cake making ingredient trappings) at the Triton Museum of Art.  I’m such a big fan of her fun and fabulous wearable art made from colorful candy wrappers and the like – it’s full of joy and playfulness!

Turns out her studio is just as playful as Charlotte Kruk’s work. She’s having more open studios this weekend and next from 11-5  Sat & Sun so don’t miss it! Check this Silicon Valley Open Studios link for directions.

I couldn’t wear Let Them Bake Cake home but I took a little sugar with me anyway!