Charlotte Kruk – Open Studio


I finally got to meet Charlotte Kruk, at her open studio last weekend! I first saw her work through Image magazine (the M&M Toreador and Flamenco Dancer couture) and then I saw Let Them Bake Cake (the Marie Antoinette inspired convection made of sugar and flour bags and all the cake making ingredient trappings) at the Triton Museum of Art.  I’m such a big fan of her fun and fabulous wearable art made from colorful candy wrappers and the like – it’s full of joy and playfulness!

Turns out her studio is just as playful as Charlotte Kruk’s work. She’s having more open studios this weekend and next from 11-5  Sat & Sun so don’t miss it! Check this Silicon Valley Open Studios link for directions.

I couldn’t wear Let Them Bake Cake home but I took a little sugar with me anyway!

Open Studio Day 1!

I’ve been so busy, busy, busy!  All prep – no play but it’s so worth it!

I was on my feet all day with the fabulous people that came out for my open studio! It’s really a very special thing to share your work with people and hear their heart-felt, enthusiastic response – you know when someone gets it, and it’s glorious! Thank you to my dear friends Judy and Ann who acted as docents, sales managers and general Girl Fridays, really, I don’t know what I’d do without them as it gets busy! We had close to a hundred people through today and I try to connect with everyone personally and talk to them about the work. I was only to squeeze in a few photos and I’m really too tired to be blogging, but I just wanted to say that there’s one more day tomorrow from 11- 5!

FYI, Cherry Blossom Twins, Rose Mandala II, Tickle, Do It and Speak, while still on exhibit tomorrow are spoken for,

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SVOS Univeristy

Marie Cameron, Mel Thomsen & Stephanie Maclean SVOS U 2013

Me, Mel Thomsen, Stephanie Maclean and this year’s Silicon Valley Open Studio’s directory.

Tonight I was part of a panel of artists which included Christine Oliver, Melinda Cootsana and Stephanie Maclean along with Mel Thomsen, Executive Director of SVOS preparing artists for this year’s Silicon Valley Open Studios. Here I am after our talk with Mel, Stephanie and this year’s directory. This SVOS University helped to make last year’s open studio such a success for me that I could help but want to return the favor!