Yellow Dip Tip

Yellow tipped feather - Marie Cameron 2013

Somebody lost a feather.

Did you know dipping has been all the rage lately? It’s done to sculpture, furniture, paintings & plates. This little feather I found on my lawn this morning reminds me of that trend, as though someone had dipped it into a pot of cadmium yellow.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Willy Verginer  Cecitá Voluta - (detail) linden, acrylic 2007

I adore what Italian Sculptor, Willy Verginer does with his beautifully carved wooden sculptures as seen here in this detail from Cecitá Voluta – linden, acrylic 2007. His bands of color and sometimes pattern invite the viewer a fresh perspective on the figure, it’s as though they exist on several different planes simultaneously.

Oliver Jeffers  Without a Doubt Part 2 2012 oil on canvas dipped in enamel

Oliver Jeffers uses paint in another way, I believe his dipping has more to do with our relationship to representational painting and the very rudimentary nature of paint as a layer of pigment. His painting above is Without a Doubt Part 2 – oil on canvas dipped in enamel 2012.

Morgan Corbett Art Actually A Pop of Neon  refinished chair 2013

Morgan Corbett in her blog,  Art Actually, shows her process of refinishing a set of dining chairs in A Pop of Neon 2013. A playful take on design modernizes a traditional interior.

Daniel Kamp New Zealand stag antler, paint, concrete

Daniel Kamp takes New Zealand stag antler, paints it and casts it in concrete as a decorative jewelry stand.

UK earthenware plates sold at Anthropologie

These earthenware plates from the UK dipped in glazed of various colors were sold through Anthropologie. I find the aesthetic of chosing to favor what may be considered a flaw very appealing.

All this to say that this little feather is reminding me of the power of a little surprise pop of color.