In the Pink and Feathers in Rise


I have some very exciting news to share, both of my paintings, In the Pink and Feathers have been selected for Rise, a nationally juried show organized by Gutfreund Cornett Art in conjunction with Whitney Modern that will run July 18 – August 31, 2018 in Los Gatos California. For a preview of the inspiring and powerful work included in this exhibition, curated by Suzanne Whitney-Smedt, Marianne McGrath and Gutfreund Cornett Art, visit where you can also see who won the Special Recognition Awards, selected by Jessica Porter, David Weinberg and Joan McLoughlin!

“RISE: Empower, Change and Action! seeks to bring artists into dialogue and to bring forth what is important to self, community, our nation and the world at large through art that reflects and addresses complex socio-cultural issues and focuses on a vision for a more positive, empowering future, particularly for self-identified women and girls as well as their families. It is underpinned by the feminist principle that believes in political, economic and social equality for all.” – from the show’s prospectus.

Such an honor to be exhibiting with this great array of artists working for empowerment, equality and social justice!  Mark you calendar, the reception will be held at the Whitney Modern, 24 N Santa Cruz Ave (on the second floor) Saturday, July 21, I’ll post the exact time closer to the date.


In the Pink – 2017 – oil on cradled panel


Feathers – 2013 – oil on canvas

My Body My Business

In honor of International Women’s Day I’ve been wearing My Body My Business pin which Michele Pred gave me (there’s a pink one for my daughter too)!  Michele has been working  with this theme in her art and her advocacy. She recently produced My Body My Business prints and t-shirts (a portion of the proceeds going to support Planned Parenthood) and in  Her Body Her Business  she mailed t-shirts to all the presidential candidates…..I’m still watching for Trump or Cruz to slip one on!

My Body My Business pin by Michele Pred - Marie Cameron 2016

Studio Visit with Michele Pred

Permission to gush?

Studio Visit with Michele Pred (Me, Michele & My Purse!) - Marie Cameron 2016

I got to meet my favorite contemporary artist Michele Pred in her Oakland studio this week! I adore what she’s doing with her Pred-à-Porter line, combining iconic, vintage accessories with birth control pills and electroluminescent (EL) wire to address gender and racial equity issues. Oh, so fabulous and conceptually spot on! Unlike most political art, these pieces are not confined to a gallery space or some public installation but are portable, fashionable bill boards that you can take with you out on the town and engage with personally.

Studio Visit with Michele Pred (Pill Box Hat with birth control veil and Pro Choice Purse) - Marie Cameron 2016

I think the purse, the shoes the hats, they’re all perfect anthropomorphic objects, something we can really identify with. They are metaphors for where our heads our at, where out feet lead us, and the purse is a vessel, a symbol of our wealth and personal power.

Studio Visit with Michele Pred (Pill Box Hat detail) - Marie Cameron 2016

Detail of vintage pill box hat with birth control veil.

Studio Visit with Michele Pred (Pred-à-Porter Birth Control Suitcase) - Marie Cameron 2016

Vintage hat box travel case with birth control target.

Studio Visit with Michele Pred (Pred-à-Proter  Earnings Purses) - Marie Cameron 2016

This wall of vintage skin toned purses laced with EL wire is quite profound, offering gender and race based earnings when compared to that of an average white male.

Studio Visit with Michele Pred - Comparing Skin Tones with 79 - Marie Cameron 2016

Matching up my skin tone…

Studio Visit with Michele Pred (Pred-à-Porter My Body My Business) - Marie Cameron 2016

The Pred-à-Poter purses come in array of empowering limited additions messages, such as, MY BODY MY BUSINESS, PRO CHOICE, #ACCESS, FEMINIST and EQUALITY. Of course each is one of a kind as they are made up from carefully selected vintage bags with their own unique shapes, colors and handles.

Studio Visit with Michele Pred (studio wall) - Marie Cameron 2016

Some of the Pred-à-Porter purses can be seen here, unlit and reflecting the light from the windows, with Refelections. I was so happy to see these pieces in person, but for much better photography, check out Michele Pred’s website, While you’re there you can check out what Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, Rachel Maddow and others had to say about her work or check it out at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in New York or Johansson Projects in Oakland.

Studio Visit with Michele Pred (Feminist Mirror) - Marie Cameron 2016

Seeing my inner feminist shine back at me with Reflections.

Studio Visit with Michele Pred (Beautiful Mirror) - Marie Cameron 2016

The artist at her desk.

Studio Visit with Michele Pred (studio supplies) - Marie Cameron 2016

Poking around the studio was so much fun – vintage treasures / supplies everywhere!

Pro Choice Purse - Michele Pred - Pred-à-Porter- photo Marie Cameron 2016

Permission to gloat?

I’m now the proud owner a Pred-à-Porter original! I feel like I need to go some place fabulous and start making some waves!