Oh how I love a winter landscape, the branches heavily laden with snow, ice crystals sparkling in the sun! Kirkwood has been such a winter wonderland in the past but not over New Year’s. Some slopes were open but I’m really more of a cross-country girl and I didn’t relish the thought of dodging all the dog poop to line up enough patches of the slushy white stuff to make a run of it. Instead I turned my attention to the out-of-commission snowplows and found some interesting details. Call me bored or desperate but I think the bold, wasp-like coloring, the animal references and the graphic patterns and weathered textures were an intriguing surprise.

Snowplow detail - rust and silver, Marie Cameron 2014Snowplow details - John Deer, Marie Cameron 2014Snowplow detail - rust pattern, Marie Cameron 2014Snowplow detail - Pipe Dragon, Marie Cameron 2014Snowplow - tread 4, Marie Cameon 2014Snowplow detail - plow, Marie Cameron 2014Snowplow detail - Cat, Marie Cameron 2014