La Mariposa – Out of the Studio into the World

The state imposed humanitarian crisis at our southern border has me (and most of the country) up in arms. That means a paint brush for me. I wanted to paint a baby, naked but for a skull-faced tattoo on its back, caged with chain-link fencing. I would not have the baby completely vulnerable though, she would be covered in clusters of live monarchs as though they were keeping the her and themselves warm while still others would fly through the fence, symbolizing migration and hope.

I didn’t quite finish it in time for the Families Belong Together Rally yesterday but I didn’t let that get in the way of printing up a poster using the words “Asylum Legal – Child Abuse Illegal”, as taking children away from their asylum seeking parents and then holding them in detention while their parents are held separately in different facilities, in different state, or worse – deported without them, is nothing but state sanctioned child abuse!

Protesting at City Hall in San Jose, California.

What a powerful and uplifting thing to channel all that horrible news into art and to share it with others lending your voice to the chorus of protest, speaking truth to power and injustice!

Pausing for a moment in front of Lacey Bryant’s fabulous mural.

Yes, it’s still a work in progress, I plan on adding more butterflies to the baby’s shoulder… but I’m glad that I didn’t let something so little as an unfinished painting get in the way of making a statement at the rally, every voice counts, especially when we use them together!