Studio Visit – Carole Rafferty

I fell in love with one of Carole Rafferty’s paintings. Well, actually, I love all her paintings but there was one in particular that was beyond perfection. It was a little out of my budget but that didn’t stop me from seeing it in person. Maybe if I couldn’t have the painting, I could paint the artist with the painting!

Carole Rafferty Portrait - Marie Cameron 2015

Carole Rafferty with Street Corner #1

I know Carole from the Los Gatos Museum Gallery and the Los Gatos Art Association where we are both members, but she’s also represented by Nancy Dodds Gallery and the Studio Shop and the American Impressionist Society and the California Art Club.  Her studio is in Palo Alto (and has had a fancy reno since I visited it in 2015 – which is nice for her but who else would even notice with all these gorgeous paintings all over the place?!).

Carole Rafferty Studio - Marie Cameron 2015

The artist with a coffee and another favorite painting, Street Corner #2.

Carole Rafferty specializes in urban landscape painting, but everything she sets her brush to has that same dreamy, super skilled handling of paint, light and palette.

Carole Rafferty Paintings in the studio- Marie Cameron 2015

Just look at this lush light and shadow playing across the scene!

Carole Rafferty Paintings in the Studio 2- Marie Cameron 2015

Rafferty’s work is so atmospheric and absolutely filled with the sense and spirit of place…

Carole Rafferty Easel - Marie Cameron 2015

…like this Marnia view that was fresh on the easel.

Carole Rafferty Palette - Marie Cameron 2015

Looking at her tools of the trade, I think, it’s not what you’ve got…it’s what you do with it!

Carole Rafferty Chinatown Lanterns - Marie Cameron 2015

There is so much to learn from this Chinatown painting, Grant Avenue San Francisco. The overall effect of the palette is subtle but there is so much complexity to the color! The peach of the buildings is underpainted in the sky, the green of the awning is echoed in the shadows throughout, the red dots are repeated as awnings and lanterns and lights of the cars. I love too how the figures and cars and relegated to different zones in the painting.

Carole Rafferty Paintings - Marie Cameron 2015

More fabulous paintings everywhere you look!

Carol Rafferty Portrait 2- Marie Cameron 2015

You can see more of her amazing work on her website,