Home to Roost

When my paintings went off for exhibition at Breathe there was a huge vacuum created in my home and studio, and you know how nature feels about that, well me too – we abhor it!

It didn’t long for me to tire of all those empty nails and hooks everywhere, and soon enough they all were hung with elaborate vintage frames teasing me with all the endless possibilities of my next new project. Before I knew it the summer had flown by busy as I was with commissions and exhibitions. Now the paintings have returned and displaced those empty frames which are themselves a sort of vacuum and they too long to be filled.

Oh, did I mention that I acquired a casket? I’ll be filling that too, not in a morbid way but with a florilegia flourish.

Marie Cameron Studio Frames 2012

Marie Cameron Studio Frames 2012

Marie Cameron Studio Casket 2012Marie Cameron Studio Paintings Return 2012