White Album

Last night artist Lorraine Lawson and I were lucky to have an early peak at White Album up at George Lawson Gallery which officially opens today and will run until December 19, with an opening reception this Saturday from 5-7pm – it’s simply elegant!

Gallerist George Lawson gave us a personal tour of the work. While challenging to photograph, this was an amazing shot to see in person, with such variety in this subtle white on white approach.

Stephen Beal
Alan Ebnother
Edith Baumann
Pegan Brooke
Zhiyuan Wang

I love these paintings by Edith Baumann and Pegan Brooke, one plays with incremental hue and value shits, the other with variations in tone and sheen.

In Edith Baumann‘s Jazz Notes 58 (acrylic on canvas), the subtle pink rectangles seem to emerge from a fog at different frequencies. Can you hear the music?

Fellow gallery hopper, Lorraine Lawson with Justine Frischmann’s Lambent #38, Indira Morre’s Networks (Expansion), Alma Chaney’s Untitled #4, Kimetha Vanderveen’s Untitled White and Erin Lawlor’s Ghost Dog.

In a closer view you can see texture’s start to appear. A musician friend of mine just let me know that Justine Frischmann, (her work, Lambent #38 on the left) was from the band Elastica!

With these works,  it isn’t until you are up close that you can really appreciate what’s going on. Indira Morre‘s graphite on gesso piece, for instance has a whole universe of organic grid like structures and dotted constellations.